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Happy Halloween!

iPad camera + squiggly toddler = blurry pics.  But you get the picture 😉

 Image 1Image

Needless to say, he was one VERY happy toddler when he saw himself in the mirror.

The costume was very simple: A Batman T-shirt over a blue long-sleeved shirt, the cape from his pyjamas (I just stuck some adhesive velcro to the shirt for the cape to stay put), a diaper cover over the top of black leggings (tho only thing I bought) and his yellow rainboots.  Oh and the cap!  It was was made by my brother’s girlfriend. ❤

I wasn’t planning on buying a costume for baby girl, but when I saw this at the start of the month, I knew I HAD to buy it.  It has been used as transitional “coat” over her clothes for when we go out in the cool Autumn weather.

P1000948Anyone want to rub her belly? 😉

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My son has a new obsession.

I’ll give you three guesses as to what it is…

If I ask him to pick out his clothes he always invariably asks for “nin-nin” (said in the same tone as the word “Batman” in the old tv series).  Actually, even when I don’t ask him to pick out his clothes/pyjama he asks for “nin-nin”.

Is your toddler obsessing over anything lately?