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Ten Thought Tuesday: June 13th


  1. Aaaaand I’m back…again.  Sorry for the hiatus, but there was some stuff going on in my life including not sleeping and having two thirds of my kids on antibiotics.  Yay.  The good news is that things have finally gotten back to crazy normal.  I’m going to try to play catch-up on the posts I’ve missed, but I don’t think I’ll be able to read all of them :(.
  2. In other news, my sewing machine is now repaired (which, to be totally honest, is another reason I’ve been away).  I’m working on a post for tomorrow about what was wrong with it, my completed works and my WIPs.
  3. I’m starting to bring Elliot to daycare for short periods of time.  He already knows everyone because he’s always with me when I drop off and pick up the kids, but this morning, I left him there for an hour and went for some one-on-one mommy Charles time at the nearby park.  Charles was happy and Elliot was too.  Next time, I’m planning on leaving him for the whole morning (up until lunchtime).FullSizeRender 8
  4. Elliot is going to be a year old in a week (what!?!).  I’m planning on making a mirror cake for his birthday because they look so pretty!
  5. I went for a run this morning and for the first time in months I felt no pain, not even the slightest little hint of it.  The progressive program, PT exercises I do at home and treatments I’ve been getting are finally yielding some very real results!
  6. I had a bout of nostalgia yesterday and decided to check if two of the shows I watched when I was younger were on Netflix.  They are!  I’ll be watching Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark in the coming weeks.  Please tell me I’m not the only 80s child who has fond memories of watching those.
  7. We’re finally going to be getting our windows replaced. I got a call from the company and they’re coming on Monday.
  8. I started learning Japanese with Duolingo last week.  I’ve developed an interest in the language over the years from watching anime.  It.  Is.  Hard!  But, it’s so fun and interesting.
  9. Our plants are growing.  The chives, thym and cilantro are doing great.  The spinach that Charles sowed has taken nicely.  Our string beans, lettuce and carrots have poked through the soil and our blueberry and raspberry bushes as well as our apple tree are showing signs of fruit production!
  10. Speaking of gardening, I found a really interesting book on Amazon.  It’s titled: The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener and it it written by a Canadian who has managed to have fresh veggies all year-round at low cost.  This is great as we’re slowly working our way to being more self-reliant.

What’s on your mind this Tuesday?


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My brain’s not really working today and I felt like posting, so I figured I’d go ahead and post a few random thoughts/photos/videos instead of trying to write a coherent text.

1.  After spending weeks sucking on her hand, Amélie has found her thumb.  Of course, sometimes it takes her 15 minutes to find it, but when she does, she’s happy.

P10102302.  I’m finding it hard replying to comments lately (it might have something to do with the fact that my daughter seems to have declared naps longer than 30 minutes to be a complete waste of her time).  If I haven’t replied yet, I’ll get to it eventually.

3.  Either iPhoto’s facial recognition is really bad or my kiddos really look alike because each time I upload photos of my daughter, this is what happens:

No, no, silly computer.  That is Amélie, not Charles!
No, no, silly computer. That is Amélie, not Charles!

4.  Whoever said that a breastfed baby doesn’t get sick obviously didn’t have a daycare-going-germ-covered-I-love-my-little-sister-so-much-I-want-to-touch-her-all-the-time-especially-in-the-face toddler.

5.  Yep, I’m the proud mother of a mucus-filled 3 month old and 2 year old (I’ll spare you the pictures).

6.  While I was at my dentist’s office yesterday, getting a pyogenic granuloma removed from my gums (thanks for that, Amélie, by the way…) she shared with me some of the methods that she used to try to get her boys (who, like Charles, are also allergic to penicillin) to take some Biaxin.  They included bribery with Kit Kat Bars and mixing it with a nice big squirt of pure Nestlea Quick syrup.  I love my dentist!

7.  Charles received a very cool remote-controlled car from his “third grandma” (who is actually the receptionist who works at my partner’s job) for his birthday.  (Since I often go meet my partner at the end of his work day, she has pretty much seen Charles grow up).  It was so funny to see him play with his new toy!

And there you go, that’s all I can muster for today.

Oh wait!

8.  I hate the new WP stats page!

There, I think I’m done now.

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Happy Birthday “Two” You!


Sorry for the play on words, but it was just “two” easy (oh, there it goes again!).

You see, over the weekend, my charming son turned two.  TWO years old!  Really!?!  How did that happen?

While he went to his swimming lessons in the morning with his dad, I was able to finish up the decorations and most of the sandwiches for the buffet under the watchful eye of the littlest one.

Are you sure you're making those sandwiches right, mama?
Are you sure you’re making those sandwiches right, mama?

When little Dude got home and saw the dining room, he got SUPER excited.  He kept repeating “cars” over and over again in the high-pitched voice only a toddler boy can master.

And then, the guests started to pile in.  Besides the fact that his uncle and girlfriend were already at the house, both sets of grandparents, both of his aunts, one set of great-grandparents and two of our friends with their adorable 18 month-old arrived within half an hour.  Between the intriguing wrapped boxes and all the people in the house, the little guy was beyond happy!

IMG_5260And then, once the adults had had their fill of food, it was decided that it was time to take out the cake.  I sat Charles in his chair, lit the candles and we sang ‘happy birthday”.  As we were singing, he looked unsure whether he wanted to laugh, cry or hide so he decided to compromise and do all three at the same time.

IMG_5330Afterward, he put his game face on and had fun unwrapping his gifts.

Because sticking out the tongue is the best way to concentrate.
Because sticking out the tongue is the best way to concentrate.

Of course, everyone who was there got a hug and kiss from the very happy birthday boy.

IMG_5397Then, well, since all good things must come to an end, it was time for Charles’ nap.  And so, the party ended.

It was great fun and Charles had a blast.  It was wonderful to see him enjoy himself and be aware that everything revolved around him that day.

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Ten Thought Tuesday: October 28th 2014


  1. I’ve been having some trouble finding the time to blog lately mostly because baby girl has been napping very poorly during the day.
  2. This is why I’ve decided that it was finally the time to break out the EASY routine and work on teaching independent sleep.
  3. Of course, we’ve got the eat (E) and activity (A) parts down pat  Now, I just have to work on the sleep (S).
  4. After a few days of frustratingly little day sleep, my daughter is finally taking a nap in her room (she’s been sleeping for 90 minutes – woot!).
  5. We’ve got a busy week.  Besides it being Halloween on Friday (can’t wait to share a photo of the kiddos in their costumes!), Amélie has her two month shots tomorrow, on Thursday I’m starting band again (haven’t touched my flute in almost 2 years!) and on Friday, baby girl is going for her 2 month well check up).
  6. After my postpartum appointment with my obgyn, I have decided to explore the world of smoothies.  She kindly scolded me when I admitted to not taking any postpartum vitamins, but I can’t stomach the things (good thing she didn’t know I wasn’t taking any when I was pregnant).  I figure that I can get all of the vitamins I need out of real food.
  7. Right now, I’m working on figuring out which vitamins I should focus on given that I’m breastfeeding and finding which foods pack the vitamins I need (also experimenting with flavour combinations 😉 ).
  8. The one thing that’s annoying me is that I’m using a food processor to make them.  Besides the fact that I have to remove the blade before removing the container and that the opening to the container has such a large diameter (and no spout) that it’s nearly impossible to pour the smoothie in my glass without losing half of it on the counter, it’s also a pain to clean all the parts and it doesn’t take care of ice and frozen fruits as well as I would like.  I’m thinking of investing in a good ol’ blender.  Any suggestions?
  9. Now that the content of Netflix Canada is better, we’ve decided to go ahead and subscribe to it.  I have been having a lot of fun going through the Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes.  So many memories for the geek in me!
  10. I can’t believe how quickly time flies.  My little sister turned 23 last week, my daughter is going to be 2 months tomorrow, my son 2 years old next month, I’m going on 30 and baby brother is going on 20!  What, seriously?  I remember holding him in my arms when he was fresh out of the oven!
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Ten Thought Tuesday: Anniversaries and Thinking


  1. Haven’t blogged in a week.  It feels weird, but good at the same time.  Then again, writing again (after a short hiatus) feels good too.
  2. We finally celebrated my son’s birthday last weekend at my parents’ house.  I made an awesome cake with my brother and decorated it to look like a clown.  The little guy loved it!P1110764
  3. Yesterday we had some light snow followed by some light rain followed by some cold weather overnight.  Bad combination, especially on the minor roads that weren’t really cleared properly.  I had to be pretty cautious while driving to make sure I didn’t lose control on black ice.
  4. I received a request to see if I would selling some advertising space on my blog (which, I was told, would be unobtrusive).  I never thought my blog would become interesting enough that it would become an option so I was pleasantly surprised by the message.  I haven’t replied yet because I’m thinking it through and would like your opinion, would it bother you if there were advertisements on my blog?
  5. I just finished reading devouring the Divergent series.  Seriously, I was ridiculously enthralled by the books and read them in like, three days (the last time I read so much in so little time was when I read another trilogy about a dystopia – the Hunger Games).
  6. The little guy is getting better and better at walking and it’s a joy to watch him toddle around glowing with pride at his accomplishment.
  7. He’s also teething.  Again.  It.  Just.  Doesn’t.  Stop.  For those of you not keeping track, he’s up to 12 teeth and his lower canines are working their way up.  Not fun.
  8. I can’t wait for Christmas holidays to come ’round.  I’m in serious need of some time off to recharge my batteries.
  9. This weekend I’m going to the Salon des Métiers d’art!  It’s so awesome because it brings together a lot of Quebec artisans who will exhibit and sell their work.  I’m sure I will find more than a few things that will catch my eye!
  10. The city workers started working on the rink in the park right across my house.  I’m planning on trying to find some ice skates for Little Dude and bring him skating during the holidays.

How was your Tuesday?

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Friday Photo Recap: The Birthday Edition

Well, it’s 6:26pm (EST).  My son is officially a year old.

Let me repeat that.  Little Dude is 1!  I can scarcely believe how quickly time has flown.

I think my son must have heard the song “It’s my birthday and I can cry if I want to” too many times, because today, he is in all out crankiness mode.


Of course, that *might* have to do with the fact that he’s teething…again… (yup, red cheeks, trouble falling asleep, excess drool, biting while nursing, swollen gums).  It’s top pre-molar time.

Besides that, he’s doing great.  Yesterday he went with his father to see his pediatrician and everything checks out.  He’s now up to 10.34kg (or about 23 pounds) and 75 cm long.  She’s not worried about the fact that he’s not walking yet as she says it’s not unusual at that age to not feel safe enough to walk yet.  She was pleased with the variety of foods he was eating and happy to hear that we’d gotten answers from our visit with the pediatric allergist.

I thought that I’d recap some monthly photos of him too see his evolution over the past 12 months.