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Ten Thought Tuesday the Back to Work Edition


  1. Well, I’ve officially been back to work for a week now (since Christmas holidays) and I am only just starting to get into a rhythm again.
  2. I’ve also started my new job which means that I am back to working full-time since giving birth.
  3. The weather has been all over the place this winter.  So far, we’ve had everything from massive snowfalls to temps dropping below 40 C to rain.
  4. The little guy has been doing really well and has become so confident with his skills that he now runs.
  5. He has come down with a cold though, so we’ve been dealing with a runny/stuffy nose.
  6. I can’t believe we’re already in January.  Where have the past few months gone?
  7. I read a super informative (and somewhat scary) blog post on photo copyrights this week.  I would urge all of my American bloggy friends to read it.  You can find it here.
  8. Watched Man of Steel over the holidays.  I really liked it.
  9. Wow, my brain’s really slow today, I’m having trouble coming up with ten random thoughts!  Of course, they’ll all pop through once I’ve pressed on the “publish” button.
  10. The little guy just spent two full days/nights at his grandparents’ because my partner and I had some problems arranging our work schedules.  I can’t wait to hold him in my arms, but I’ll surely have to wait until tomorrow morning because I’m working tonight :(.

Happy Tuesday everyone!