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What Will He Think?

I’ve been blogging for a little over 8 months now and I feel GREAT about it!  To be frank, I never thought I would ever make it this long already.  Of course, it helps that I’m still on maternity leave and so I do have some “me” time during the day, but I’ve grown to love blogging a lot.  I sure hope that I’ll be able to integrate it in my working life (which is coming up much to soon for my tastes…).

As you may or may not know, I essentially started blogging to help me stay awake and sane during my son’s block feedings and multiple night wakings when I first brought him home.  Though the blog is still mostly about him and how I’m dealing with this new reality known as parenting, the blog has evolved somewhat.

Right now, though it is a great place for me to vent and find support from you wonderful bloggers that take the time to visit my blog / like posts / comment on posts (thank you VERY much, by the way!) I see it mainly as an online scrapbook that details my son’s evolution (because lets face it, I don’t have time to make an actual scrapbook).

Writing this public journal of my son’s life, however has led me to wonder about a few things.  First and foremost: what will he think when he learns about this pretty detailed description of what is going on in his life?  Will he be happy?  Fascinated?  Embarrassed?  I don’t know how long I will be keeping this up.  “This” being everything from blogging in general to blogging about my son.  I mean, where does it stop?  I know I’ll be having more children and so, eventually, the spotlight won’t be just on him anymore, but still..

I mean, think of you own parents’ efforts to keep a record of your childhood.  We all have those pictures that we would prefer no one sees.  You know the ones I’m talking about…like the one where you’re in the bathtub with you brother and sister (which, for the record, doesn’t sound too bad at first – until you learn that my brother and sister are respectively 7 and 10 years younger than I *ahem* thanks mom).  At least, in my case, I can choose to skip those pictures or hide them.  My son, on the other hand, will have no such luxury (not that I’m planning on snapping many bath time photos – I’ve never really understood the appeal 😉 ).

But seriously.  How will he react to my description of sleepless nights, his bowel movements, the fact that he was breastfed for (so far) 8 months?  What will he think of me when he learns that I’m not/wasn’t too keen of his pediatrician or that I felt so overwhelmed sometimes that I broke down and cried and couldn’t wait for his father to get home?

I suppose only time will tell; I’m not on the verge of giving up blogging any time soon (or, in any even, I don’t plan to).

Those of you who have older children, what do they think about your blog?

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Stop, Drop and Read

Aurora from Metal Angel reblogged this article today on her blog.  I think that it is a sadly accurate representation of the world that we live in with such easy access to technology.  I am not exempt of faults in this department, and the blog post brought about a self-examination on my part.

The author wrote the post after receiving an email that shook her to the core.  Here is that email:

“I can recall a time when you were out with your children you were really with them. You engaged in a back and forth dialog even if they were pre-verbal. You said, ‘Look at the bus, see the doggie, etc.’ Now I see you on the phone, pushing your kids on the swings while distracted by your devices. You think you are spending time with them but you are not present really. When I see you pick up your kids at day care while you’re on the phone, it breaks my heart. They hear your adult conversations. What do they overhear? What is the message they receive? I am not important; I am not important.”

So stop what you’re doing, drop your phone/close your laptop/turn off your desktop and after you have read the article, step away from the virtual world and come into the real world.

Breathe in, breathe out.  Don’t worry, your phone’s going to be OK, I promise.

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Me? Author of a Beautiful Mama Blog? You Bet!

About a week ago, I received a comment on one of my posts from Valerie, author of the wonderful blog: atlantamomofthree, telling me that she was nominating me for a blog award she had recently created: the Beautiful Mama Blog Award.

ImageTo accept this award, I must do three things:

  1. Use the award image in my acceptance post.
  2. List three things that I love about motherhood.
  3. Nominate other deserving mamas (as many as I want) and notify them that they have been nominated.

Top three best things about motherhood!

  1. What I love about being a stay at home mom:  One of the things that I love, which is made possible by the 40 week maternity leave I am entitled to, is being able to see my son evolve every day.  It’s crazy how quickly he changes and I would not want to miss any of his “firsts” for anything in the world.
  2. What I love about being a breastfeeding mom: I love looking at my little chunkster (his new nickname), with all of his rolls, his squirrel-like cheeks and double chin and know that I am the one who is responsible for it all.  It amazes me that my body is able to produce exactly what my son needs to thrive for the first months of his life.
  3. What I love about being a mom:  No matter how exhausted and sleep-deprived I can be, no matter how stinky the diapers, how explosive the blowouts, how frequent the spit-ups, no matter how cranky he can be and how frustrated I can get, no matter how difficult his tummy troubles, how intense the crying spells, no matter how much he fights sleep and how much more difficult it has become to go out, I would not trade this life with the one I had before.  Because no matter how difficult it gets, all it takes is a smile, a laugh, a squeal of pleasure, a tiny pudgy hand holding one of my fingers, the regular breathing of my son when he falls asleep nursing in bed with me in the middle of the night… to forget all of the hardships that come with being a mom.

My nominees (in no particular order) are bloggers that I have been following for a few months now, most of whom actually found me first and allowed me to discover their blog by clicking the “like” button for one of my posts or leaving a comment.

Ladies, I am always eager to see your next post in my reader.  You make me laugh, make me cry and just plain simply make my day.