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Developmental Milestone #2: Yummy Hands and Vowel Sounds Through Gummy Grins

This past week has been one of intense cerebral connections for my son.  Now that I think of it, his fussiness over the past few days (including today) was probably caused by a brainy growth spurt.  Of course, he wasn’t content of developing just one new ability.  No, he had to go ahead and learn three things during the same week!  But then again, good things always come in threes!  Right?

Now, where to start?

The first thing we noticed were the smiles.  Pure joy.  I mean, he’d experimented with his face muscles before; we’d see a shadow of a smile on his face on a few occasions.  Generally, it happened while he was sleeping (probably dreaming that he was at an all you can eat buffet of milk-gorged titties).  But a few days ago, he flashed us an actual smile in response to our own smiling faces.  And to prove to us that it wasn’t a fluke (six weeks old and already an overachiever), he did it again and again each day and to different people!

At one point today, I was starting to feel overwhelmed by the attention-seeking little vampire that I created.  But then, the little bugger flashed a smile my way.  Needless to say, in that instant, I completely forgot that I was annoyed at him in the first place.  Who knew the magic powers contained in a simple smile!

My son, smiling up at his "Papi" (grandfather).
My son, smiling up at his “Papi” (grandfather).

This week, my son also started to communicate in other ways than through his cries and non-verbal cues; he has begun to coo.  His two favorite words are “Oooo” and “Aaaa”.  Generally, he’ll show off his new vocabulary when there is a conversation going on around him.  He’s also taken to chiming out his new words when there is music playing (so cute!).

For Christmas, Santa (aka: my mother-in-law) gave him quite a few brain-boosting toys.  Do you want to guess what his favorite one is?  It’s not his Winnie The Pooh book or his rattling ball.  It’s not his foot piano or his scrunchy stuffed elephant.  It’s not even his football or his vibrating dragon.  Nope, his new favorite toy is his hands and where better to put them but in his mouth?  I suppose the reason he loves them so much is that they’re always at arms length *chuckles*.

Oooo!  What's this?  How nice, it fits in my mouth!
Oooo! What’s this? How nice, it fits in my mouth!