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Ten Thought Tuesday: February 7th 2017


  1. Today is a run day.  Yay!  I can’t wait to get out on the track this evening!
  2. My house is a mess…in every way possible.  Once I’m done this post, I really have to stop procrastinating.
  3. Tonight we’re either eating chicken fajitas or quesadillas, I’m not sure yet.
  4. After being away from the office for two weeks, leaving before the kids awaken and arriving once they’re in bed, my husband is finally back!  He’s really happy about it and the kids will be too.
  5. After learning to roll from back to front a couple of days ago, I think Elliot’s working on crawling.  It’s not easy though as we have wooden floors and he keeps slipping.
  6. I’ve been having so much trouble with Charles at bedtime.  He goes to bed fine, but has been keeping himself awake (sometimes until 9pm) for the past few weeks.  I’m fresh out of strategies!
  7. This coming weekend, my husband and I are going to a concert at Place-des-Arts.  The orchestra is going to be playing music from the Final Fantasy franchise. #geeksunite
  8. Are you a coffee or a tea person?  I just bought the most amazing cinnamon chai rooibos.  It’s a fragrant, a bit spicy and a tad sweet.  The best part?  Because it’s a rooibos, it’s caffeine free!
  9. My husband and I played Jenga with Charles a couple of weeks ago.  Funniest.  Thing.  Ever!  The first time the tower fell, it was because of Charles.  I swear he teleported himself to my lap and koala-hugged my neck because he was so surprised.
  10. Amélie has taken to starting a new roll of toilet paper every time she wipes herself.  We have a nice collection of rolls with different amounts of toilet paper on them in the cabinet beside the toilet.

What’s on your mind today?

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Ten Thought Tuesday – April 12th 2015


  1. I’ve got plenty of ideas for blog posts, but I’m finding it easier to shoot out random thoughts than to write a whole post these days.
  2. After three pretty decent nights of sleep, Amélie decided to wake up waaaay too often last night and get up waaaaay too early this morning.  I have no patience right now.
  3. I’m thinking that the terrible twos should be called the bipolar twos.  I’ve noticed that the terrible part of the twos comes in waves.  After almost a month of having a sweet toddler around, the limit-testing-attention-seeking-fake-crying version of my son has come back.
  4. Amélie has become super proficient in a short time at drag-crawling her was around.
  5. The trunk of my partner’s car won’t latch closed since Sunday.  Since the car dealership (his car is still under warranty) can’t see his car until Thursday, we’ve “fixed” it à la Red Green: with a healthy quantity of duct tape.
  6. Did you know that we were in the middle of pool safety month right now?  Look out for a guest post on the subject either this week or next.
  7. After a full week of beautiful warm and sunny days, Mother Nature has reverted back to cold rainy days.  Oh well, it’ll just make me appreciate the sunny days even more when they come back.
  8. Though we raise our children in French, we do teach them a bit of English here and there (so far colors and numbers).  Last week, my son realized that the colors he knew were represented by two distinct words, one in French and one in English.  He now uses his English words in French sentences.
  9. Amélie is now the proud owner of five teeth.  She’s currently working on a sixth tooth: a canine…
  10. Since last weekend was super busy because of Mother’s day, we didn’t get to set up our veggie garden.  We’re planning on setting it up this coming weekend.
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Ten Thought Tuesday…On A Wednesday


  1. Haven’t posted in a while, too many things going on.  I decided I could muster 5 minutes of free time to get on a write a bit.
  2. Amélie is now officially mobile.  She’s doing this sort of drag-crawl thing which is interesting to watch, but it gets the job done.
  3. Spring is now definitely here.  We’ve been enjoying some awesome weather, BBQed food, eating on the balcony and going out without coats.  Woot!
  4. Charles is pretty much fully potty trained during the day now.  We don’t have to sit him on the toilet anymore, he either asks to go or just goes.  When we’re busy, he goes on his potty by himself now and when we’re not he asks for help to get on the big toilet with the ring.
  5. We got his balance bike a couple of weeks ago and he’s been enjoying.  We ended up buying a Kinderbike Laufrad and are very pleased with it.  I am planning on writing a more detailed post on it soonish.
  6. I’ve discovered a new love for quinoa recently.  I’ve come to enjoy how versatile it is.  I really like it for breakfast, served warm in coconut milk with some cinnamon and berries.  How do you like your quinoa?
  7. Charles is so very clumsy.  If he doesn’t fall at least 5 times during the day, it’s a miracle.
  8. Tonight, we’re eating black bean and quinoa (because, why not 😉 ) burritos.  I’ve never had anything other than ground beef in tacos/burritos so I’m eager to see how everything will come together.
  9. We recently bought and Xbox One and I’ve been enjoying Dragon Age: Inquisition.  The only thing that annoys me is that we have to install the games onto the hard drive to play.
  10. I can’t wait to get our veggie garden up and running.  We bought carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, hot peppers, bell peppers and snap peas as well as some herbs.
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This is how it’s done people 😉

Hum, I should probably add that the squeaking you hear is the dog playing with her toy right behind me.  It isn’t me making a toy squeak in an effort to coax my son to crawl over to me.

Just sayin’

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Sloooooooow Down Little Dude!

Everything is going by so quickly!

My son has passed the 7 month mark.

He now has five teeth which he loves to grind together and run his tongue on.

Crawling is not far away, it seems, as he has become rather mobile.  Today marks the first day he was able to get on his hands and knees.  Only yesterday, he wasn’t able to make the transition from one knee to two.

He keeps on impressing me with regards to food.  He is now able to manage slippery foods like cucumber and soft foods like banana and he is eating more and more.  In fact, BLW has worked so well that now, when I have to give him some benadryl for an allergic reaction or advil to help him through teething, he keeps his mouth resolutely shut if I do not let him hold onto the medication syringe by himself *sigh*.

He almost always falls asleep on his own and very seldom accepts to be rocked anymore.

And now…he is starting to pull up from a seated position.

It seems that the helpless newborn that came into this world at the end of November is definitely gone.  And, while I’m excited about the emergence of his new skills and his gained autonomy, I can’t help but feel a little sad.