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Ten Thought Tuesday: (I Know, It’s Actually Thursday…)


  1. Hey!  I feel like I should apologize.  I’ve been a very crappy blogger lately.  I haven’t really been on WordPress for over a week so I haven’t read many posts, have commented on even fewer and have barely replied to comments.  I can’t say I’ve been super busy or haven’t had any inspiration or anything, I think I’m just overwhelmed by all the posts that pile up in my reader every day and am sad that I can’t give each one of them the attention it deserves.  *Sigh*, I need a pause button.
  2. After trying many methods (too many to count), I have finally mastered the art of poaching eggs and can even poach more than one at a time.  This is what Elliot and I ate for lunch on Tuesday (or was it Monday?) and it was delicious!

    FullSizeRender 6
    This was all sorts of yummy!
  3. I’ve gotten so many things done today.  I managed to find a place that can repair my sewing machine, I finally have a date for the window installation, I went to see my physical therapist and booked my next appointment, I also called the arborist that came last week to give him my email address (he wrote a letter for me to give to the electricity company after coming close to being electrocuted when branches from my huge maple tree came into contact with the power lines and created sparks).  My father-in-law also showed me how to connect the wires to our pool ozonator (at my request).  It’s super easy to do.
  4. I’m finally starting to see some real progress with regards to running and after a couple of weeks of discouragement, I think I’ve regained my motivation.  I’m also planning on restarting my Sunday Runday posts because they were really helping keep me on track with regards to fitness.
  5. The apple tree that my husband bought me for Mother’s Day last year is in bloom!  It will produce (in a couple of years, hopefully) five varieties of apples: Winesap (have never heard of these), Cortland, Red McIntosh, Yellow Delicious and Summerred (which is also new to me).
  6. Spring is definitely here.  Besides the apple blossoms, our little lilac is in bloom and there are some cute little flowers speckling my grass among the party of dandelions (does anyone else here NOT hate dandelions?  I think they’re pretty and their bright yellow color always puts me in a good mood).
  7. After wanting one for over two years, I’ve finally bought and received a SSC so that I can back carry more easily and so that my husband can do some babywearing.  I already have stretchy wrap, a ring sling and a woven but my husband has never been keen on the learning curve that comes with wraps, so this is a fantastic option for him.  I’m planning on doing a review soon, but right now, all I have is praise for the carrier.

    FullSizeRender 7
    Isn’t it beautiful?
  8. Lately, I’ve been watching three series.  My husband and I have gotten a Crunchyroll subscription so that we can finish the Naruto Shippuden (I know, I know, we’re total geeks).  I also started watching The Office, which…just wow.  My brother aptly describes it as “cringe humour”.  I describe it as a mix of morbid curiosity and a train wreck waiting to happen.  Finally, I’m three episodes in to The Crown.  I’m finding myself surprisingly interested in the series even though I generally don’t care for things that revolve around politics.
  9. Elliot is becoming more confident on his feet.  He’s usually standing with only one hand for support and has started letting go once in a while.  It usually results in him falling promptly on his bum and crying out of frustration, but hey, that’s all part of the game.
  10. Speaking of milestones, besides an approximation of “maman” and “papa”, I’ve recently realized that Elliot has been saying his name for a couple of months!  Plus, I think he’s teething again (first molars *dun-Dun-DUN!*) because we’ve been getting some pretty crappy nights recently.

What’s on your mind this Thursday?

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Ten Thought Tuesday: April 11th 2017


  1. We had an absolutely beautiful last couple of days.  Yesterday was warm enough to go out without a coat.  Elliot also got to explore the balcony for the first time.

    And my sister-in-law wonders why I nickname this one “chubby face”.  Just look at those cheeks!
  2. Unfortunately, my shins haven’t gotten any better.  Yesterday, my husband and I had to stop our squash game after half an hour because it felt like if I tried to run one more time, my tibia would snap.  I’m so frustrated!  I sent an email to my doctor’s office this morning and I’m planning on calling my osteopath for an appointment to see if she can do something to help while I wait for my doctor to be able to see me.
  3. I finished the beanie that I was working on for Charles last week.  I’ll be posting a picture of it in tomorrow’s WIP post.
  4. Elliot has gotten really good at standing up.  He’s often letting go of one hand, he’s been using various toys and boxes as walkers and he has started cruising by holding onto the couch.
  5. I super excited to tell you that I will be sharing a guest post with you on Thursday!
  6. Income tax season is almost over.  I’ll finally stop being a temporary single mom soon!
  7. We went to see some friends over the weekend and I finally got to meet my friend’s 6 week old!  Oh gosh, baby fever came washing right over me again!
  8. This week, we’ve got slow-cooker baby back ribs, club sandwiches and homemade falafel on the menu.  Deeeeee-licious!
  9. Today’s going to be a pretty difficult day.  Charles and Amélie decided to keep themselves awake yesterday evening so they are super tired today.
  10. After keeping it at bay for a few weeks, the cold that everyone’s gotten in the house except me has finally caught up with me.  *Sigh* Oh well, with water, rest and sinus rinse, it shouldn’t be too bad overall.

What’s on your mind this Tuesday?  Feel free to link up in the comments section!

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Ten Thought Tuesday: June 23rd 2015

TTT1.  Next year, I’m set to teach English, Science and Phys. Ed. on top of teaching resource.  I’m planning on picking up the books they are going to use at school next year so that I can take advantage of the summer to do some lesson planning.

2.  This morning, Charles came “jogging” with me.  Basically, he sat in the double Chariot carrier that a colleague gave me last year as I pushed him.

3.  I realized that it was much harder to run while pushing a chatty 2.5 year old than it is to run alone.

4.  One of Amélie’s bottom first molars has cut (because, you know, who wants to follow a teething timeline when you can just get them all in quickly).  This time around, I’ve been using Camilia (a homeopathic medicine) instead of Advil or Tylenol for dealing with the pain at night.  I never thought I’d say this, but this stuff is working wonders so far!

5.  I ordered my very first pair of Soft Star shoes, well sandals actually.  These cute sandals for Charles should be in any day now.

6.  I’m planning on making a weighted blanket for Charles to help him to calm down and actually sleep during nap time (because he definitely still needs a nap).  I just have to figure out how to thread the old sewing machine that I have downstairs.

7.  I’m planning on starting a series of recipe posts soon and I’m going to need your help to write them.  Look for more details in the days to come.

8.  It hasn’t been warm enough for us to be able to use our pool yet, but we’re getting there!

9.  Now that Amélie’s seriously cruising, I’m thinking she’ll be walking before her first birthday.  She’s just so intent on following her big brother everywhere (much to his chagrin sometimes).

10.  Tomorrow’s a statutory holiday for Québec, which means that the dada will be at home.  We’ll likely go to the Ecomuseum in the morning with the kiddos and then go to his parents’ place.

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They Just Keep Growing and Growing

Last week we went to Charles’ and Amélie’s well visits.  We were lucky enough that we were able to align the little dude’s 2.5 year visit with baby girl’s 9 month visit.  Score!

In the office, the nurse started with Charles who straight out refused to stand on the scale to be weighed (I swear, he is such a scaredy cat!).  No worries, though, he was happy to sit down on the baby scale instead.  He’s just over 31 lbs now.  He then stood against the wall to get measured; only 8 cm away from measuring a meter (or just over 3 feet tall).  His pediatrician was happy with his progress and was surprised that he was potty trained.  She was completely unfazed by the constellation of bruises on his legs and arms and merely smiled when we mentioned that he falls…a lot.

(He also likes to wear goggles, by the way.  Specifically when I wash his hair.  Actually, the goggles were a solution to the endless screams and tears that were associated with the hair-washing experience)

As for Amélie, she is now 18 lbs and back up on the average curve with regards to her weight (the last time she had a well visit, at 6 months, her pediatrician had expressed some measure of concern because she had dropped quite a bit on the percentile curve).  She remains on the shorter side, measuring up at 69 cm.  When our pediatrician asked if we had any concerns, we mentioned the bump she has over her right eyebrow.

Image 2
Do you see it, right above her right eyebrow (your left on the picture)?

It’s been there a while, I remember it being there during her 6 month visit, but I hadn’t talked about it because I figured she’d just bumped her head and that it would go away.  It hasn’t.  It’s about the size of a cooked chickpea and has never seemed to bother her (I also don’t remember when it appeared, but it doesn’t seem to have grown or reduced in size).  Her pediatrician, poked and prodded and squeezed and frowned.  Then, she told us she thought it was a cyst, but gave us a referral to see a pediatric surgeon at the Montreal Children’s hospital (which is where we went for Charles’ allergies before the allergy department moved out of the hospital).  So we’ll see where that leads us.

I should probably mention that the little princess is intent on being able to follow her big brother around.  She still hasn’t mastered the crawl (which doesn’t stop her from being super speedy by doing her zombie drag), but that hasn’t stopped her from pulling up and starting to cruise.

Oh boy!

A week ago, I caught her doing this for the first time. Now she has figured out that she can even move as long as she’s holding on to something.
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Does A Baby Really Need Shoes?

As Ned Stark would say: “Winter is coming”.

It really is getting cooler around here.  The leaves are no longer a multitude of colors (in fact, most of them are on the ground now) and each morning feels cooler than the last.

Yep, winter is definitely coming.

My daycare provider actually asked me the other day if I had any footwear for the little guy.  You see, she goes out for a stroll with the kids each day and though my son is dressed warmly enough, he lacks protection from the cold on his feet.

Yep, I still bring my son outside sans shoes.  My mother-in-law had actually bought some shoes when Charles was four months old and I returned them because…well…hang on, I am getting ahead of myself.

I thought the sitter’s question/request was a very logical one.  I mean, Little Dude is definitely cruising with ease now and he has taken a couple of steps on his own here and there (mostly when he thinks we’re not looking).  I suppose it’s a question of time before he decides to adopt walking as his new means of transportation.  And, of course, it definitely is getting colder outside.  Of course, the cold wouldn’t be a problem at all if the little guy would stop kicking the blanket off his feet when he’s in the stroller.

Silly baby.

Anyways, I figured it was time.

So today, when I finished working, I drove out to Panda shoe store, a shop that specializes in children’s footwear.  Since I had no idea of what size my son needed, or how much room his toes needed or other important stuff like that, I figured that a specialized shop was the place to go.  I really enjoyed my experience there.  The lady that helped me really took the time to explain a bit about the foot, measure my son’s feet properly and explain what she was doing and why.  The little guy tried on quite a bit of footwear before I settled on some cute little booties to keep his tootsies warm when he’s outside.

So stinking cute!
So stinking cute!

I was very happy with my choice and was ready to pay, but then the saleslady started talking about how he needed shoes while he was indoors.  My expression must have changed, because she immediately launched into an explanation about why it was so darned important for Little Dude to have shoes indoors.  I politely listened to her explanation, but my brain just couldn’t understand; everything I have read so far has indicated that wearing footwear too young was a bad thing for the foot.

I ended up purchasing just the boots and explained that I would have to think about the indoor shoes.  Then, when I got home, I jumped on the Internet and started to search for sources that would support both sides of the shoe debate.  Next week, I am planning an informative post regarding baby footwear where I will explore the pros and the cons.

Meanwhile, I would love your insight on the subject.  Do you think babies need shoes indoors?

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