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They Just Keep Growing and Growing

Last week we went to Charles’ and Amélie’s well visits.  We were lucky enough that we were able to align the little dude’s 2.5 year visit with baby girl’s 9 month visit.  Score!

In the office, the nurse started with Charles who straight out refused to stand on the scale to be weighed (I swear, he is such a scaredy cat!).  No worries, though, he was happy to sit down on the baby scale instead.  He’s just over 31 lbs now.  He then stood against the wall to get measured; only 8 cm away from measuring a meter (or just over 3 feet tall).  His pediatrician was happy with his progress and was surprised that he was potty trained.  She was completely unfazed by the constellation of bruises on his legs and arms and merely smiled when we mentioned that he falls…a lot.

(He also likes to wear goggles, by the way.  Specifically when I wash his hair.  Actually, the goggles were a solution to the endless screams and tears that were associated with the hair-washing experience)

As for Amélie, she is now 18 lbs and back up on the average curve with regards to her weight (the last time she had a well visit, at 6 months, her pediatrician had expressed some measure of concern because she had dropped quite a bit on the percentile curve).  She remains on the shorter side, measuring up at 69 cm.  When our pediatrician asked if we had any concerns, we mentioned the bump she has over her right eyebrow.

Image 2
Do you see it, right above her right eyebrow (your left on the picture)?

It’s been there a while, I remember it being there during her 6 month visit, but I hadn’t talked about it because I figured she’d just bumped her head and that it would go away.  It hasn’t.  It’s about the size of a cooked chickpea and has never seemed to bother her (I also don’t remember when it appeared, but it doesn’t seem to have grown or reduced in size).  Her pediatrician, poked and prodded and squeezed and frowned.  Then, she told us she thought it was a cyst, but gave us a referral to see a pediatric surgeon at the Montreal Children’s hospital (which is where we went for Charles’ allergies before the allergy department moved out of the hospital).  So we’ll see where that leads us.

I should probably mention that the little princess is intent on being able to follow her big brother around.  She still hasn’t mastered the crawl (which doesn’t stop her from being super speedy by doing her zombie drag), but that hasn’t stopped her from pulling up and starting to cruise.

Oh boy!

A week ago, I caught her doing this for the first time. Now she has figured out that she can even move as long as she’s holding on to something.