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Ten Thought Tuesday: June 16th 2015


1.  I started week 5 of the C25K running program this morning.  It felt great!

2.  Charles has recently discovered how to remove his diaper (which he only wears at night now).  After waking up in a wet bed a couple of times, I started putting a washable diaper cover (with snap buttons) over his disposable nighttime diaper.  So far, it has worked well.

3.  I’m thinking of opening an Etsy shop in September.  Right now, I’m working on getting a few samples ready for a giveaway so that I can determine a pricing and see if opening a shop would be worthwhile or not.

4.  I finished Dragon Age: Inquisition about a week ago.  I really liked it, but found that it was hard to understand what the main quest was (it took me 20h of play before I figured it out).  Now I restarted Dragon Age: Origins, and plan on buying and playing Dragon Age 2 so I can replay Inquisition.

5.  I started watching Dr. Who a while back on Netflix and am really enjoying it.

6.  Now that Amélie can pull herself up, she is almost only content when she is on her feet.

7.  Tonight, we’re eating chicken fried rice.  What are you having for supper?

8.  Yesterday, we had salmon and Charles asked for seconds.  Seconds!  I never thought I’d ever get him to like salmon, but it seems to have happened.

9.  Despite the fact that he hasn’t used it often, Charles has become really quite good with his balance bike and can go for longer distances now.

10.For those of you who are curious, this is what Amélie’s zombie drag looks like.

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