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Ten Thought Tuesday: September 17th Edition


  1. I’ve decided that I wasn’t going to be pumping anymore.  I realized yesterday that it was something that was really stressing me out and it usually took about three 20 minute sessions to get enough milk for one bottle so.  I’ll still be breastfeeding when I’m home with Little Dude, but otherwise, he’ll be getting formula.
  2. I’m still trying to figure out a way to integrate blogging into my working mom routine.  I’m happy with the two stable posts I manage doing per week, but I need to find a way to read and comment on my favorite blogs.
  3. I think Charles may have fifth disease.  It was running in the in-home daycare he attends and he was the only one who hadn’t caught it yet.  Yesterday, he spat up after each feed and last night was pretty bad sleep-wise.
  4. On Sunday, we’re going to Little Dude’s first swimming class.  He’s in the “little splashers” group!
  5. Fall seems to be well and truly here.  I really need to get the little man some long sleeved onesies/shirts and perhaps a coat.
  6. I would really start to feature some guest bloggers on my blog, I’ll be dedicating a post on this soon!
  7. We are really enjoying the Sandra Boynton board books at home.  I bought them after Jocelyn from The Home Tome mentioned them a few months back and I am not disappointed.
  8. Does anyone know of a class of FSL (French as a second language) that would be interested in exchanging letters/postcards with a group of ESL (Enslish as a second language) teens with learning difficulties?  I was thinking the FSL students could write in French and my ESL students could reply in English!
  9. I am part of the Group Postcard Exchange that Valerie has organized through her blog.  If anyone is interested in swapping postcards with me, you can shoot me an email at mommytrainingwheels (at) gmail (dot) com.
  10. I’m tutoring tonight and am sooo tired.  I have no idea how I’m going to manage to stay awake.  Wish me luck!
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What’s Up Mommy Training Wheels?

So, between my obvious lack of posting in the last week and the one and only post I managed to squeeze in last Friday, some of you might have guessed that I am now back at work.


I’m actually not sure how I feel about this so I’m just going to go ahead and jot down some of the things that have been going through my mind since I returned last Monday.

  • I’m fairly certain that I am not cut out to be a SAHM.  Though I adore my son, sometimes he drives me up the wall.  A part of me embraces this realization, but another part of me feels guilty about it (mommy guilt at its best!)
  • I’m kind of bummed that I took the 40 week maternity leave instead of the 50 week leave.  I know that I am VERY lucky to have such a long leave especially when I think that just a couple of hours South of here, moms get 6 weeks (CRAZY!).  When, I made up my mind, way back when I was a few weeks away from giving birth, it made sense financially (same pay over 40 weeks -vs- 50 weeks means a larger check each week) and professionally (I work in education and thought it was a good idea to be there at the start of the school year instead of come in mid-October).
  • I’m also realizing that I just cannot keep up with my son’s milk intake.  Now that I’m back to work, I have seen my (albeit) small freezer stash dwindle into near nothingness.  It is not feasible for me to pump while at work, therefore I can only pump while I’m at home.  However, when I’m at home, I nurse my son.  I’ve found myself in need of formula and I am annoyed at myself because of it.  Now, just to be clear, I’ve absolutely nothing against formula.  A good friend of mine chose formula over breastmilk and I’ve always wholeheartedly supported her decision.  I also found myself very happily embracing the online I Support You campaign.  However, I wish I had been able to build more of a stash to make it to 1 year with breastmilk alone.  In hindsight, had I known how attached I’d become to nursing my son (that is a whole other post), I would have taken the 50 week leave and would have either invested or rented a good quality electric pump.
  • I’m not sure how I feel about the fact that my son is starting daycare.  Of course, I’ve always been good at repressing my emotions, but I don’t know if the fact that I can’t put my finger on how I am feeling is because I am trying not to feel or if it is because there is a whirlwind of emotions that have assaulted me.  Let me try to put this into perspective.  Last week wasn’t so hard as he was with his father all week.  It kind of felt like the times where I left him with his father on weekends so that I could get out of the house.  No biggie.  However, this week, he will actually be going to daycare.  I LOVE that he’ll be in a small setting with only four other children and I really like the educator that will be taking care of him, BUT it feels like a big milestone for me.  The rational part of me tells me that this is a necessary step and that it’ll be good for him and yadayadayada, but the emotional part of me kind of feels like a train wreck waiting to happen.
  • In light of my first week as a working mom, I realize that I really need to get my s*** together if I want to remain sane.  We’ve already instigated some changes with regards to meal planning, but I want to be able to keep a balance between my professional life, my family life and my personal life (including blogging).  There’ll probably be a post coming up with my goals with regards to each of these facets of my life soonish.

How do you working moms find a balance between these aspects of your life?

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I Support You

There’s a movement going online in the realm of parenting.

The “I support you” campaign was launched in an effort to stop the “mommy wars” with regards to the breastmilk -vs- formula debate.

The way I see it, motherhood is hard enough without having to feel and be judged by others.  We actually do a good job of judging ourselves without outside help.

The parent section of the Huffington post has launched a slideshow with photos containing the “I support you” message.  You can read the article here and submit a photo to the slideshow by simply clicking “add a slide” at the end of the article, tweeting a picture to @HuffPostParents including the #isupportyou hashtag or shooting an email to

I decided to submit my own message yesterday via twitter.

I support you

Anyone else on for the ride?



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What’s Your Parenting Method? (CTFD & 8 More)

Apparently, there’s a “new” “revolutionary” parenting method that is rockin’ the Web these days.  Affectionately known as CTFD (Calm the F*** Down), it apparently stemmed from the idea that parents these days are much too competitive when it comes to their children and need to learn to CTFD when they realize that *gasp* their child isn’t doing something that another child of the same age is doing.  Because, apparently, every parent’s child needs to be more advanced than the other parent’s child.

By the way, my 8 month old is already doing algebra whilst standing on one hand.  What is your 8 month old doing? 😛

Anyways, I thought I’d try my hand at this and list some more REVOLUTIONARY parenting methods because, you know, I’m an overachiever and want to push the envelope even further than the inventor of CTFD and give parents an arsenal of methods to use.  I’m even going to leave out cuss words because, y’know, we wouldn’t want our children to develop bad habits, now would we?


Mommy Training Wheel’s Ultimate Guide To Stress-Free Parenting

  • 1.  JSAN (Just Smile and Nod)
  • Like when the lady at Walmart decides to harass you and make you feel like you’re a bad father for bringing your son into the store without any socks on.  (Happened to my partner the other day!)
  • 2.  LTYH (Listen to Your Heart)
  • Pretty self-explanatory.
  • 3.  DWWFY (Do What Works For You)
  • You want to nurse?  Great!  Choosing formula?  Awesome!  Half and half?  Super!  Exclusive pumping?  Stellar!  Co-Sleeping? Sure thing!  Baby in his own room?  Sounds good!  Rock/nurse  to sleep?  Excellent!  Put down awake?  Cool!  Cloth diapering?  Disposables?  BLW?  Cereal and purées?  Babywearing?  …  If it works for you, GO FOR IT!
  • 4.  SYAI (Say “Yes” and Ignore)
  • Like when you MIL insists that she is going to be able to spoon feed her grandson when he’s never been spoon fed before.
  • 5.  TYG (Trust Your Gut)
  • You know that something’s not right with you little one, but the pediatrician won’t listen?  Insist, insist, insist!
  • 6.  TADB (Take A Deep Breath)
  • Feel like you’re going to lose it?  Take a deep breath?
  • 7.  PBDAR (Put Baby Down and Regroup)
  • Baby still screaming no matter what you do?  Took a deep breath but still feel like you’re going to lose it?  Put your banshee-like baby down in a safe area and go outside so you can’t hear him/her anymore for a few moments.
  • 8.  DLMO (Don’t Linger, Move On)

Did you screw something up?  Perhaps you yelled at your kid in a fit of sleep-deprived-last-nerve-trampled-splitting-headache rage?  Learn from it and move on.

So, what method do you live by?  Do you have anything to add to the list?