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Of Search Terms & Makeovers

I’ve been seeing quite a few posts recently that outlined some of the weird search terms that people have used to find their blogs.  It’s always a rather funny affair.  I know that some of the search terms that have been used to find my blog have made me laugh or, at the very least, made me perplex and so, I decided I’d share the best with you.

Also, I’ve decided that I was going to change my blog’s theme, so don’t be surprised if you see a couple of changes over the weekend.  By Monday morning, I should be set with a new one.

Ah the search terms…

my face bad latch on

I honestly have no idea what this means and am rather bewildered that it was used to find my blog three times.

how to do buttons up on back of baby’s clothes

Hum, let’s see, well if you can’t figure out how, perhaps it’s a good idea to not put a shirt on your baby that has buttons in the back?

how much is 5 meters of cloth

I’ll take a wild guess here and say….um…5 meters!  Oh wait, you meant in feet right?  16.4 feet.  Ok?

sleep deprived mom award

Hehe.  Maybe someone should create the award?  I’m sure many many moms qualify to win it!

heavy duty cargador frontal machines and their blog comenting

I don’t even own a frontal washing machine (though I would love to have one!).

dad breastfeeding

Though technically, male lactation is possible, I’ve never discussed it here.

breastfeeding son has teeth killing my boobs

All I can say is LOL

bed texture


cruel pinched 50+ boobs

I assure you that Little Dude has only pinched 2, not 50+

diaper squirt

Sometimes, I have the urge to Google some of the terms to see where they lead.


Help me out.  Does this actually mean anything in any language.  I honestly have no idea how someone found my blog with this.

omg three month growth spurt

OMG I totally agree!

milk gorged titties

And people are actually looking for this?

all through the night may i

May you what?

What are some of the funky search terms that people have found your blog with?