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Ask Away Friday With Atlantamomofthree

Valerie contacted me a while ago to ask if I would be willing to do Ask Away Friday with her for the month of December.  I was SUPER thrilled and, of course, accepted right away.  We exchanged ten questions with one another and will be presenting our answers on our blogs for everyone to read and know us better 😉  Valerie, Jhanis and Kerry who have done AAF before answered with pictures so I tried to provide some with my own answers.

Here goes!

1.  Do you have any pets?

Yep!  I have three actually!  One sunglow gecko that was rescued from an owner who couldn’t remember the last time he’d fed him, one leopard gecko who I’ve had for nearly 5 years now and a three-legged green anolis.

2.  What does you son’s bedtime routine look like?

We keep things simple.  The bedtime routine starts with a bottle, followed by a bath, followed by teeth brushing.  Then I get the little guy in his jammies and sleep sack, turn on his white noise machine and hold him in the rocking chair for a couple of minutes before putting him down in his crib.

3.  Show us pic(s) from a recent celebration

Though I love to take pictures (of my son! lol) I’m not really the celebration type.  BUT I do have a couple of snapshots from the anniversaries that we celebrated at my parents’ house last weekend.  One of the birthday cake and one of the little dude digging in.

4.  What are a few of you son’s favorite things to play with (at the moment)?

Hands down Charles loves his Duplo blocks.  He loves to put them together and bang them on one another to make noise.  He has also started to show an interest (an actual one) in books.  He grabs them from the shelf and comes to sit on me so that I can read it to him.

5.  Do you decorate for the Holidays?  Let’s see them

We actually decided against decorating for the Holidays this year because Mr. Curious would get into EVERYTHING.  We will be putting up a tree and decorations next year though!

6.  Where do you buy your groceries?

We’re lucky enough to have three grocery stores within 5 minutes of each other (and our house).  We typically go to 2 out of three each week depending on the specials.  We go to Super C, IGA and Provigo.

7.  Can we see your city’s library?

Sure thing 😉  I’ve actually only been there once, but it is rather nice and has a great selection.  Now that I’ve revisited it (to take a couple of pictures), I feel like going back!

8.  How does the inside of your car look (clean or messy)?

Well, um… y’know… I’ve never been very good at keeping the inside of my car clean.  It’s actually not THAT bad right now because I cleaned it up a couple of weeks ago…

9.  What is your favorite room in the house?
Must I choose?  I love the family room because it is chalk-full of books and games and I love the basement because that is where all the video games and gaming consoles are.

10.  What is something that makes you smile?
This.  This little guy makes me smile every day.  Every.  Single.  Day.  Today, the first thing he did when he got home from daycare was toddle his way to the pantry, grab a box of crackers and start snacking away.  Oh boy, can’t wait for adolescence to hit…


This was really fun!  Anyone up for doing AAF with me?