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The Kid With The Kind Soul

My almost-four-year-old is, I expect, like many of his brethren of the same age: a complete self-centred egotist (is that a pleonasm?) sometimes.  However, as he reminded yesterday, he is also capable of a lot of consideration.

Your see, yesterday, my husband and I left the kids with their grandparents for some much needed couple time.  As has become customary for us when we aren’t going to be having supper with the kids, we asked Charles what he would like to eat for supper.  To be honest, I fully expected for him to say he wanted to eat hot dogs (because that is what he always chooses).  However, the way the conversation turned out made my heart melt.

The Hubby: Charles, what do you want to eat for supper tonight with Pépère and Mamie?

Charles: Pépère is allergic to onions, right?

The Hubby: Yes he is.

Charles: Ok, well, I want to eat club sandwiches.

The kid knows that we always top our hot dogs with chopped onions at home so he decided to take the time to find something that he liked and that he knew didn’t contain any onions.

I seriously love this kid to bits.