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I Wonder…Could it be a Wonder Week? Aka: Wonder Week # 46

Urgh, I’m so annoyed!  I just finished writing this post which I started yesterday and it didn’t save.  Now, I have to retype half of it…

Ok, tiny rant over…

Well, after a short hiatus caused partly by blogger’s block, partly by juggling three jobs and a family life and partly by good ol’ procrastination, I am back (right on time for Canadian Thanksgiving too!).

In my last post, I mentioned that my son still wasn’t STTN.  Well, he still isn’t, but I’m ok with that.  However, he has been generally cranky, clingy and “mood swingy” (even if my parents won’t believe me and think he’s a perfect angel all the time 😉 ).  I had all but forgotten about wonder weeks until I received a message in my inbox on a particularly headache-inducing day.

“Get ready for wonder week #46”

Ok, so that’s not how the title was worded exactly, but it is what it meant.

“Of course!”, I thought.  Little Dude’s developing skills and fragile mood finally made sense!

I’m not going to go through the signs of a wonder week again as they are pretty stable from time to time.  If you’re curious about what to look out for before a wonder week, I encourage you to read this and this, post (for the record, I’m sure I wrote about these more often, but these are the only two that popped out at me for now).

I am however going to give a little specific insight into what exactly this wonder week (WW) consists of.

According to the authors, who dubbed this WW the “world of sequences”, it is the moment where a baby:

can begin to realize that to reach many of his goals, he has to do things in a certain order to be successful.  You may now see your baby looking first to see which things go together and how they go together before trying to put them in each other, pile them on top of each other, or piece them together.

I’ve definitely noticed my son performing some more complex actions lately.  Here are a few of the things that he’s been doing:

  • Takes off his sock and tries to put it back on (the key word here is being ‘tries”)
  • Places his toys on top of his floating books in the tub
  • Pulls apart two “duplo” blocks and puts them back together
  • Places different sized objects inside containers
  • Pushes a toy towards the couch to try to climb up on his own
  • Can stand up on his own (without pulling up), might take a step forward before squatting back down
  • Dips his cracker/weetabix in a soft food (applesauce, hummus…) and brings the food to his mouth
  • Grabs the phone, puts it to his ear, pushes on some buttons and hands it to me
  • Tries to scoop up different types of food with his spoon
  • Turns on/off the light when prompted

I also seem to have turned my son into a pavlovian experimental subject.  He has not only been conditioned to clap when he hears the word “bravo” but he also when he pulls up and lets go of the object he used to pull up.  He also waves when he hears the word “bye bye” and is starting to wave when he hears “bonjour” (hello).

In the realm of language development, he understands the words mom, dad, look, what’s that, go get, give, come here, no (though he doesn’t always listen to this one)…and, though he is not particularly loquacious, uses the words “maman”, “papa” (or, his version of those words), “ga”, which is short for “regarde” (look) and “quoi” (what).  The last two words are usually accompanied by one of his fingers pointing in the direction of something.

I’m in awe of how quickly he’s developed since birth.  It is thoroughly amazing how much these little ones learn in such a short amount of time.

I should be back tomorrow for TTT and plan of starting to post more regularly again after that.  Look out for a post on themes for some guest posts I would love to see ’round here on Wednesday.

Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Canadians!

Take care all.


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My Son Ate Some Sand (and He Liked It…)

For the past three weeks, I have seen my son flourish.  Daycare is really awesome right now.  Besides the fact that he loves it and is almost always in a good mood these days, he has also started picking up some new stuff.  Though I don’t know if all of the new things that he is trying out are caused by him being around other (older) children or if he was just developmentally ready to try out new things, it is fun to see how quickly he has evolved.

The first thing I noticed was his babbling.  Before, he would sometimes emit a squeal of pleasure, or “hum” a bit if I sang to him.  Now and again, he would start chattering with a toy, but as soon as I talked to him or tried to initiate a “conversation” he would stop.  These days though, he chats up a storm pretty much all the time.  When I drive him to daycare, I always know whether he’s awake or sleeping because as long as he’s awake, he babbles.  He also joins in conversations and expresses his opinions loudly during meals.

Little Dude has also become quite the little explorer.  He has a fascination with zippers.  Seriously, he is OBSESSED with them.  He also likes to open and close things, namely drawers and cabinet doors.  Today, he spent a good 45 minutes in the kitchen just opening and closing doors, pulling up, sitting back down and playing with the “toys” hidden behind the cabinet doors.  Of course, this activity came with multiple squeals of pleasure on his part.

P1080813Speaking of pulling up, he has also started cruising.  A part of me is eager to see his start walking around, but another part of me just isn’t ready yet.  He is adept at going up stairs (when he decides that he feels like going up on his own, that is).  He’s working on his fine motor skills too and is using something that resembles a pincer grip frequently now.  Charles has also taken to exploring little holes with his fingers and random objects (which is why I am sooo happy that we have outlet covers everywhere) and has discovered a new activity in the bathtub: removing the plug and trying to put it back in so that he can take it out again.  He does this until there is no more water left and then pulls out to be taken out of the tub.

The little man loves the park -especially the swings – and is not afraid to play in the grass or in the sand.  So far, he had tried to sample a couple of blades of grass (and decided he did not really like the taste), but he had never thought of bringing some sand to his mouth.  Of course, it was just a question of time before it happened though.  Today, when we went to the park, there were some other children there.  A little girl – a 14 month old – walked up to him eventually.  She shoveled some sand in front of him and then brought the sand-filled shovel close to his mouth (which, for the record, he opened wide *sigh*).  Both myself and the little girl’s mom intervened in time but the experience gave him an idea.  About five minutes later, my son decided to grab a handful of sand and bring it to his mouth.  I decided to not stop him because I figured that he would try and try until he got to sample the sand.  I also figured that he would put sand in his mouth once, grimace, maybe whine/cry a bit and not do it again.  Well, he brought the sand to his mouth and then…put his hand in the sand again to shove another handful in.  What gives?  The kid likes sand it would seem.  (For the record, I did not let him put a third handful in his mouth and was able to distract him into doing something else afterwards).

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How Would You Describe Your Children?

We’ve all done this before.  You take the first letter of your name (or someone else’s name) and find a character trait that starts with each letter.

I was thinking about this the other day and decided to give it a whirl with my son.  Despite the fact that he’s only (or, should I say already) 9 months old some facets of his personality are already shinning through.  I wonder if they will still remain true in the years to come.

Anyway, here is what I came up with for my son.




Real charmer




If you were to do this for your own children, which character traits would you use to describe them?

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This is how it’s done people 😉

Hum, I should probably add that the squeaking you hear is the dog playing with her toy right behind me.  It isn’t me making a toy squeak in an effort to coax my son to crawl over to me.

Just sayin’

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Where Have The Last 8 Months Gone?

Both the baby AND the dog are napping right now.

That’s a good thing, by the way.  A REALLY good thing because after being woken up by a choir of wails this morning at 4:45am and being denied a restful nap this morning by Mr. I’m-too-cranky-and-tired-to-sleep-more-than-25-minutes, I was starting to feel as though I wouldn’t live through my day.

But it’s all good now.

I am slowly catching up on the piles of unread posts that litter my reader and, in the midst of all the excitement over the royal cervix, I am slowly realizing how quickly my son has changed over the last 8 months.  Because today, he is eight months old.

Really?  Someone pinch me.

Starting today, Little Dude is going to be joining us for three meals.  Since we started solids exactly two months ago, he has become more and more adept at eating.  Seriously, he does not waste any time at the table anymore.  He KNOWS exactly what to do with the toys-become-food that are placed upon his tray.  We have shifted from the quinoa-covered-baby who tentatively dipped his hands in his first meal before putting them in his hands.  Today, he ate (not played with, not threw on the ground) 1.5 lebanese cucumbers, 1/4 toast and 5 spoonfuls of non-dairy ice cream.  This is what his tray looked like afterwards:

Those are some serious skills!  He is now able to handle more and more foods: slippery foods, smaller pieces, soft foods.  It never ceases to amaze me!

Of course, that’s not where his skills end.  You see, he is also definitely getting ready to crawl.  It’s so cute: he’ll get on all fours, bring on hand forward and then kick out the opposite leg repeatedly to try to go forward.  When he has his legwarmers on, he’s able to move forward like this.  Otherwise, he just gets stuck and frustrated.  He’s also recently discovered how to sit up on his own.  It was quite the surprise when I went to get him when he awoke from his nap the other day and discovered him sitting up.


One thing’s for sure: his motor skills have developed very rapidly over the past month and it’s awesome!

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Sloooooooow Down Little Dude!

Everything is going by so quickly!

My son has passed the 7 month mark.

He now has five teeth which he loves to grind together and run his tongue on.

Crawling is not far away, it seems, as he has become rather mobile.  Today marks the first day he was able to get on his hands and knees.  Only yesterday, he wasn’t able to make the transition from one knee to two.

He keeps on impressing me with regards to food.  He is now able to manage slippery foods like cucumber and soft foods like banana and he is eating more and more.  In fact, BLW has worked so well that now, when I have to give him some benadryl for an allergic reaction or advil to help him through teething, he keeps his mouth resolutely shut if I do not let him hold onto the medication syringe by himself *sigh*.

He almost always falls asleep on his own and very seldom accepts to be rocked anymore.

And now…he is starting to pull up from a seated position.

It seems that the helpless newborn that came into this world at the end of November is definitely gone.  And, while I’m excited about the emergence of his new skills and his gained autonomy, I can’t help but feel a little sad.