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Ten Thought Tuesday: August 19th


  1. Wow, already at 38 weeks, I can’t believe I’ll be meeting Peanut in a few weeks time!
  2. Yesterday, I had a checkup with my obgyn.  Baby is firmly head down (and despite being almost ready to come out, Peanut is as active as ever).  I was asked if I wanted a cervical check and declined.
  3. Speaking of cervical checks, did you know that Valerie over at Atlantamomofthree wrote a post on them a while back?  It’s definitely worth a read.
  4. Yesterday, my brother and his girlfriend made an absolutely decadent mac and cheese.  If you’re looking for some comfort food (and really really like cheese), I would definitely recommend it.  Did I mention that it was decadent?
  5. I went out and bought some new shoes for Little Dude yesterday.  It was about time, he went from wearing a size 5 to wearing a size 7 (can you say “growth spurt”!?!).  Once I picked out the shoes, I let him pick the color – he went with his new favourite colour: red.
  6. My partner’s LEGO exhibition went really well last weekend.  You can check here if you want an idea of all the awesome things you can build with LEGO blocks.
  7. This weekend, we’re having friends over for a brunch.  It’ll be really fun as 1. we haven’t seen them in a while and 2.  Charles will be able to play with his 16 month old friend.  We’re borrowing my MIL’s coffee machine for the occasion because neither my partner or I drink the stuff.
  8. Yesterday, the little guy was with his mamie all day.  I took advantage of the fact he wasn’t there to reorganize his toys and do a toy box rotation (we keep one set of toys upstairs, one in the basement and keep one in storage).  He was super excited to rediscover his “new” toys when he got home.
  9. I’ve got a ridiculous amount of bananas in the freezer – I will have to make some banana bread and muffins.  Yummy!
  10. One of Charles’ friends has left the daycare that he attends because she is starting kindergarten.  Her little sister will be taking her place.  I’m eager to see how Charles will react to a smaller baby (10 months old) – he’s always been with older kids at daycare.

If anyone else is doing a TTT today, feel free to link your post in the comments section!

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Ten Thought Tuesday: Sleepy


  1. Ok, so technically, it’s not Tuesday here yet, but since Mr. I-can-fall-asleep-and-start-snoring-within-30-seconds-of-getting-in-bed has done just that, I figured it was as good a time as ever.
  2. To save my sanity and not go totally berserk on him for something over which he has no control, I’ve decided to relegate myself to the basement couch for the night.  The upside is that it’s cooler downstairs than it is upstairs (yay?).
  3. I’m still looking for birth stories to share on my Many Faces of Chilbirth page.  A big thank you to those of you who have already linked or sent a story.  If anyone else is interested, please check out this page for all of the details.
  4. My dental clinic called today to schedule my yearly exam.  They wanted to see me on August 20th.  I told them that I was very pregnant and that later would be better.  I ended up taking an appointment on October 8th.
  5. To help with the natural birth I’m aiming for, my partner has been practicing some massage techniques.   I think that given my couch predicament, he’ll be doing some more practicing tomorrow ;).
  6. This coming weekend, my partner is participating in a miniature train exhibition.  Among AFOL LEGO builders like himself, there will be a whole bunch of other exhibits for trains enthusiasts.  I’ll be going along with Charles so that he can get his fill of trains (and, at the same time, I’ll be there to support my partner in one of his passions – LEGO MOCing).
  7. Everyone around me is betting that Peanut is going to come early.  I think that given that both myself and the dada are stubborn as heck, the little peanut will decide to extend his/her stay just to contradict everyone.  My thoughts: s/he’ll come out when ready.
  8. It was finally warm enough yesterday to warrant going in our pool!  Woohoo!  I think I’ve only been in it about 5 or 6 times since the start of summer so far.
  9. Our few pool visits were enough to get Charles accustomed to the water once again though so I expect that the transition to the swimming lessons we’ll be continuing with him in September will be rather smooth.
  10. Speaking of the little guy, he’s definitely entering the wonderful world of the teenaged-toddler.  It’s both a pleasure and a pain in the butt to see him asserting himself.
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Word-filled Wednesday

Oh how I’ve missed WordPress!

I know, I know, I’ve been away for quite a while.  But I have good reasons!

You see, there’s the fact that I started a new job in January.  This means that I’m now working Monday to Friday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings.  Oy!  What got into me?

No but seriously, it’s not that bad.  I’m kinda getting the hang of things now even though I regularly misplace my brain these days…

Then, well, there’s the fact that Little Dude was rather clingy in an I-just-want-to-be-in-mommy’s-arms-all-the-time-otherwise-I’ll-scream-and-cry-and-throw-a-tantrum kind of way for the first three weeks of January.  Of course, I could blame teething for it because he *was* teething again after all (good thing his teeth are almost all in!), but I think it’s something else.

You see, I think that this is the cause:

Yes! It’s a picture of a LEGO creation I pulled together!

I’ll give you a moment or two to connect the mental dots (assuming you haven’t already done so).

One moment…

Two moments…

Yeah, baby #2 is on the way!

So, how has this been affecting my son?  Well, since nausea decided to grab hold of me earlier this time ’round (yay?), I haven’t been physically able to hold my son as much.  And well, since it seems to be human nature to want what we can’t have (speaking of, is anyone willing to go sushi-free as moral support until I give birth?), my son has been wanting to be held a lot!

So yeah, reason #3 for being a WordPress ghost for the past few weeks: headaches, extreme fatigue, 1st trimester insomnia and nausea.  I’m usually in bed by 7:15 these days (when I’m not working).  But things are getting better (fatigue and headache-wise anyways).

Oh, I missed you guys!

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Ten Thought Tuesday


  1. Today, my son has officially survived his 11 first months of life.
  2. I was so excited yesterday when I received the email confirming that I was accepted into the Top Mommy Blog directory.  There are so many great blogs there.
  3. The little guy gets so excited when he plays with crayons at daycare.  When he realized that he was coloring his page yesterday, he let out a war cry and was so pleased with himself.
  4. I have a cold…and it sucks…
  5. In light of Valerie’s recent posts on weaning, I’ve started thinking about how and when to start my own weaning process with Little Dude.
  6. Now that I think about it, I would really love a guest post on weaning for Write for me Wednesdays.
  7. I finally managed to finish Splinter Cell: Blacklist, on to Red Dead Redemption.
  8. Halloween is coming up and I still don’t know what I’m dressing up as.
  9. Next week we are finally going to our appointment with the pediatric allergist for my son’s food allergies.
  10. I really need to finish the custom MOC LEGO post office for my partner; he’s participating in an exposition in a month.
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Boston, Here We Come…Almost…

Look what came in the mail today!


YAY!  Little Dude’s passport!  Complete with a super-awesome photo (which we had to redo because he had red eyes in the first…)

The perfect passport photo! No smile, mouth closed, eyes open and exempt of red spots! And it only took about 30 seconds! This little man is talented :D.

Now that I have my passport and his, we can go to Boston in October during the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend!  Yay!  Of course, Mr. Procrastinator (aka Little Dude’s dad) needs to fill in the small details left in his passport request (because, you know, yours truly decided to fill out the nitty gritty for him) “ahem, ahem” *wink, wink*.

Of  course, now we have to start to think about what we want to do and I think you, fellow bloggers/followers are the PERFECT brainstorming buddies!

We actually only have one stop planned: the LEGO store.  I know, sad, but you know, we don’t have any of those where I come from and since papa is a super-mega AFOL (adult fan of LEGO) and I’ve rediscovered my love of them with the Architecture line (which I am surely going to use in a learning situation if I teach Science next year), well, it’s a must.

Thing is though, I don’t think we’ll be spending three days in the LEGO store.  As such, I’m looking for some suggestions.

Sooooo…what are some musts for our little family to see on our first ever trip to the “Modern Athens”?