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Supporting T – Sophie’s Guest Post

Wonderful Lynn over at Momma Needs Coffee has published a guest post I wrote for her that recounts my breastfeeding experience (so far). She is gathering a lot of information and stories to be able to help her friend who is due in a few weeks and plans of breastfeeding. Lynn also hopes that all of the information she has gathered on her blog will be able to help other women too. If you haven’t been around to check her blog yet, I strongly encourage you to do so; it’s a great read every time!

Momma Needs Coffee

Today’s  guest post comes from Sophie over at Mommy Training  Wheels. It tells about the lessons Sophie learned while on her breastfeeding journey with her son. 

Sophie is a twenty something first time mom to Charles (aka: Little Dude). She lives in Quebec, Canada with her partner and son. She is getting ready to go back to work after a 40 week maternity leave. She has always enjoyed reading and writing and says that blogging seemed like a natural step after the birth of her  son. She uses her blog as both an outlet for her and a journal she uses to record every moment she can capture of her son’s life. I strongly encourage everyone to go check out her blog. Thanks again for your contribution to this project Sophie! Enjoy! 

Love, Hugs and more to come later!



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