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Ten Thought Tuesday: May 9th 2017


  1. I am so behind in my blog reading!  I really need to find some time to catch up.
  2. We’ve been dealing with the consequences of floods caused by the unrelenting rain around here.  At our house, we’re fine, but a few blocks away, roads are closed because of flooding.  One of the two bridges that lead to the island of Montreal is closed so traffic is horrendous.  Luckily, the road I take to drive the kids to daycare isn’t affected.
  3. Today is supposed to be the worst day and water levels are supposed to start receding starting tomorrow.  It’s hard to believe, though as this is what is forecasted for the next week.
  4. Despite the crappy weather, we managed to get some time outside when it was nice out (meaning just super cloudy).  The kids went to the park and had some fun.
  5. We had a really busy but super fun weekend.  On Friday, my husband and I managed to go to the restaurant just the two of us.  Then, on Saturday, we went to see our friends to celebrate their son’s birthday party.  Charles, Amélie and Elliot had a blast.    Finally, on Sunday, after going to the pool (Charles and Elliot) and gymnastics (Amélie) classes, we went to my parents’ house for a lovely family brunch.  Afterwards, I went to a ceramic cafe with my two friends for some girls-only time together and they all stayed for supper.
  6. The neon noodles I made last week turned out wonderfully!  My kids gobbled them up.  Well, except Elliot.  He wasn’t impressed and just threw them on the floor.  I just tossed them in garlic butter and served them with sweet and sour chicken and steamed broccoli.IMG_3278
  7. I’ve recently discovered a love for matcha tea.  I went to David’s tea about a week ago and bought some peach matcha.  It is so delicious!  It’s great as a hot latte, just plain hot and is amazing as iced tea (not that I’m drinking much iced tea these days).  I’ve yet to try it as an iced latte, but I’m certain it will be awesome.
  8. I recently read an article on the Dirty Dozen on the David Suzuki website.  I checked through my makeup and realized that everything I own (not that I own much) contains at least one ingredient from the dirty dozen.  Since I’ve been wanting to wear makeup more often, I started researching brands that don’t contain any of the offending ingredients, but I keep coming up short.  I think I’ll just give up and go back to my au naturel look.
  9. I haven’t gone out for a run, or a swim, or done any type of physical activity since last Thursday when I played some squash with my husband.  I am going totally nuts, but I’ve been feeling under the weather recently (thank you dear children and husband for kindly sharing your colds with me) and have been faced with rain and cold temps outside (did I mention that yesterday, it snowed!).
  10. Tonight, I’m planning on making some oven-baked crispy skinned chicken thighs with steamed green beans, pearled barley and an acorn squash puree.  It’s going to be yummy!  What are you eating tonight?

What’s on your mind this Tuesday?


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Ten Thought Tuesday: May 2nd 2017


  1. We have been having absolutely horrible weather (complete with flooding and the like) around here.  It’s cold and windy and rainy and grey.  Bleh… On the bright side, the grass is green.
  2. On Saturday, we made the most of the beautiful day (despite the 50km/h winds) and went to the park in the afternoon.  Then kids then decided that they wanted to take a walk and so Amélie and Charles took turns pulling the wagon while Elliot tried desperately to touch the turning wheel despite being securely strapped in.
  3. I decided to take a play from Elizabeth’s book and make some neon spaghetti noodles.  The plan was to eat them yesterday evening, but we ended up stuck in some horrible traffic because a streetlight was out of commission, so I ordered some pizza instead.  We are going to have it tonight instead.  Look at how awesome the noodles look though!

    The kids are going to go nuts once I plate this tonight.
  4. Sunday we had our movie night.  I made some brown sugar & sriracha chicken wings, homemade oven-baked fries and some popcorn shrimp.  We decided to watch Brave.  I found it entertaining, but it’s not the best (animation) movie I’ve seen.  The music was absolutely amazing though.
  5. Charles is getting really good at MarioKart Wii.  He races at 50cc, but he’s almost always placing top 5 now.
  6. I’m really happy because I’ve started playing the flute again.  I hadn’t realized how much I was missing it.  Oh boy, though, my mouth gets sore really quickly, I have to relearn to loosen up my lips and right hand a bit.
  7. I went swimming on Sunday and it went really well…except my butterfly lap.  It’s hard to believe that when I was a teen it was my favourite stroke!  Oh well, I definitely have something to work towards!
  8. I’ve finally finished the mesh for my crocheted scarf.  Now, I have to get working on the chains to weave through the mesh.  I’m planning on doing that while I watch my daily tv show with my husband as it’s not something that requires a lot of concentration.
  9. I recently discovered the joys of audiobooks!  I listened to The Chemist last month and it was pretty good.  I started listening to The Fifth Season recently and was wowed by the imagery.  The description and vocabulary used are really wonderful.  However, this book is definitely more complex that The Chemist and I’m having a lot of trouble following what is happening.  I might have to read it instead.
  10. INCOME TAX SEASON IS FINALLY OVER!!!!!  And I finally get my husband back *woot*woot*!

What’s on your mind this Tuesday?

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Sleep Walking

What do you do when the baby wakes up 45 minutes into his nap and can’t fall back asleep because he’s stuffy from yet another cold (gotta love how thoughtful Amélie and Charles are when it comes to sharing germs)?


You make the most of a beautiful day, stick him in the woven wrap, secure a hat onto his head and go out for a nice long walk.  Win-win!

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love the C25K running program.  I find it well thought out.  It really can take someone who lives a sedentary lifestyle and allow for that person to go from being out of breath after 1 minute of running to being able to run non-stop for 5 kilometers within a reasonable amount of time (they say 8 weeks, in my first experience, it was more like 12 weeks).

However, there is one run that scares the heck out of me.  It scared me the first time I attempted it and it scared me today.  You see, you go from doing run/walk intervals.  Then, you reach week 5 day 3 and bam! they lay the following bombshell on you: brisk 5 minute warmup walk, then jog two miles (or 20 minutes) with no walking.


As my brother would say: “what the actual F*&%”!?!

I mean, the workout before is run 8 minutes, walk 5 minutes, run 5 minutes and now this?  I remember, the first time I followed this program I was dead certain that there was a mistake.  I googled, consulted numerous forums and sites only to find out that it was no mistake.

So, I went for it (and managed!).  This time, though I was again feeling shaky about the run again, I figured I may as well seize the day and go for it.  I knew I had done it before and knew I could do it again.

When I got up, what I saw was a grey misty day with streets full of puddles.


The dreary weather alone should have been enough to discourage me from running outside, but it didn’t.  I checked the weather app on my phone which confirmed that though a comfy 14 degrees C was forcasted for the day, it would only be happening in the afternoon.  I did not want to wait that long.

20km/h winds, light drizzle?  Oh yeah, bring it on!

I decided I’d go for it anyways.  I layered on some weather appropriate clothing and headed out the door.  I felt a little chilly at first, but knew that it was perfect as I would warm up as I ran.

I hit my first mental hurdle after 5 minutes of running, but I talked to myself, reminding myself that only four days before I had run 8 minutes straight.  I could, at least, run to 8 minutes.  My next hurdle came up when I hit the 8 minute mark.  I talked to myself, reminding myself that since the start, I’ve been progressively upping my running time.  I could surely make it to 10 minutes.  I pushed through.  At the 10 minute mark, I hit another mental hurdle.  I reminded myself that I was already halfway through, my legs could still handle the run so I persevered.

After 12 minutes, I was starting to have issues with my breathing, I wanted to start walking, but I knew that if I stopped running, I wouldn’t be able to start again.  I told myself that I only had 8 minutes left, convinced myself that it was like running the second split from my Tuesday run.  I slowed down my pace slightly worked on getting my breathing in a pattern and got it under control.  By the time there was 5 minutes left, I gave myself some visual goals (I’ll make it to the mailbox, I’ll run to the end of the street, I’ll keep going until I reach the stop sign…) and managed to finish my 20 minutes!

A 7min. 32 sec. average pace for 20 minutes, not bad!

I won’t lie.  I was very happy when it was cool down time.  By then, my legs were starting to burn.  I had almost given up on a few occasions.  But every time the little voice inside of me told me that it was too hard, I silenced it.

Post-run selfie: tired, hungry and dang proud!  (Ok, perhaps a tad camera shy too hahaha!)
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Winter in Canada

Winter in Canada is a great time to…

1.  Bundle up

What. Is. This? I can’t even move in this thing!

2.  Go skating

That was fun, can we go around the rink one last time?

3.  Be silly

Who needs the beach when you can just use snow?
Who needs the beach when you can just use snow?

4.  Get creative

When it's too cold to play outside, just bring the white stuff inside!
When it’s too cold to play outside, just bring the white stuff inside!

5.  Relax

Ah, this is the life!
Ah, this is the life!  Is my supper ready soon?

6.  Learn to share

What *is* this thing , big brother?  Can I put it in my mouth?
What *is* this thing , big brother? Can I put it in my mouth?

7.  Take up a new hobby

Making a scarf takes a lot of concentration!
Making a scarf takes a lot of concentration!
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Ten Thought Tuesday: Firsts

TTT1.  Last week, it would seem, was a week of firsts.

2.  After having received the green light by his allergist, Charles had his first taste of cheese on Saturday (which he loved, by the way).

3.  After nearly a week of red cheeks, awful sleep, bucketfuls of drool, constant nursing and chewing on everything she could get her mouth on, Amélie cut her first tooth on Sunday (closely followed by a second one the very next day).

4.  Little Dude spent his first week at daycare sans diaper.  And it went well!

5.  I went out with Charles to the rink (which is literally right across the street from our house) for his first skating experience on Saturday.  He had a blast.

All smiles despite falling once or twice.
All smiles despite falling once or twice.

6.  For the first time in years, the price of gas dropped to under a buck per liter around here.  Yay!

7.  Amélie took the train for the first time on Thursday.  She slept the whole way through, though, so she didn’t even notice :P.

8.  After almost completing my first crochet project (a scarf which I completely unwound because the perfectionist in me wasn’t happy with the result), I started my first project with a pattern.  It took a little getting used to, but I’m getting better at pattern-reading.

9.  Since Numb3rs isn’t available on Netflix Canada anymore 😦 , my partner and I started to watch the first season of House of Cards.  It’s fascinating to see all of the manipulation that can happen behind the scenes of political life.

10.  I’m looking forward to my first good night of sleep in a week and am crossing my fingers for it to happen tonight.  Wish me luck!

Have you had any “firsts” recently?

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Wednesday’s Words of the Week: September 24th

1.  Obsessive: In the last week, I made some apple blondies, blueberry muffins, apple crumble and banana bread.  Obsessive much?

A sample of the "small" batch of banana bread I made two days ago.
A sample of the “small” batch of banana bread I made two days ago.

2.  Moo:  I’ve got a 3 week old little one at home.  I won’t elaborate more on the subject ;).

3.  Independence: They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Here goes:

Little Dude, loving the new addition to the washroom: a 2 step stool!

4.  Prevention: Just in case the toddler decides to get out of bed in the middle of the night to wash his hands…

Safely tucked away in Amélie’s closet for the night.

5.  Brrr:  Fall is definitely here.  It arrived very suddenly two weeks ago.  We’re already heating the house!

6.  Outdoors:  I went for a walk with my partner and baby girl the other day.  It was absolutely beautiful outside!  I had Amélie in the stretchy wrap and she was very happy about it.

P1000797How would you summarize the past seven days in your life in 3 to 7 words?