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Ten Thought Tuesday: Septembre 24th edition


  1. The baby nasal aspirator I bought yesterday claims that it is “efficient, quick, fun and hygienic”.  I’m not sure I agree with the “fun” part (nor does my son, for that matter) or with the “quick” part, for that matter.
  2. We went to Little Dude’s first swimming lesson on Sunday.  He was so funny because he hardly interacted at all, he was just observing everything.
  3. I’ve just come back from buying a Fall/Spring coat for Charles.  Right now, it goes down to his knees.  I’m hoping it’ll be still big enough for him when Spring comes ’round.
  4. I really need to try this recipe one of these days.  Believe it or not, it’s a main course.  Of course, I’d follow it up with this, which is – you guessed it! – a dessert!
  5. I brought Little Dude to the dentist with me the other day.  He was fascinated with all of the sights and sounds and gladly let the dentist put a gloved finger in his mouth once I was finished.
  6. Speaking of dentists and teeth, his last two incisors cut a couple of days ago.
  7. I’m finding it really hard to keep up with all of the posts of the blogs I follow.  I try to read them all, but I just don’t have the time to comment on all of them 😦
  8. I’m starting to get the hand of Splinter Cell: Blacklist.
  9. Looking forward to my next opportunity to participate in a Bzzz campaign.  I didn’t respond quickly enough last time one was sent out.
  10. I can’t believe how time flies.  September is almost over, Charles is now 10 months old and we’re (finally!) nearing the appointment with the allergist.
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Ten Thought Tuesday: September 17th Edition


  1. I’ve decided that I wasn’t going to be pumping anymore.  I realized yesterday that it was something that was really stressing me out and it usually took about three 20 minute sessions to get enough milk for one bottle so.  I’ll still be breastfeeding when I’m home with Little Dude, but otherwise, he’ll be getting formula.
  2. I’m still trying to figure out a way to integrate blogging into my working mom routine.  I’m happy with the two stable posts I manage doing per week, but I need to find a way to read and comment on my favorite blogs.
  3. I think Charles may have fifth disease.  It was running in the in-home daycare he attends and he was the only one who hadn’t caught it yet.  Yesterday, he spat up after each feed and last night was pretty bad sleep-wise.
  4. On Sunday, we’re going to Little Dude’s first swimming class.  He’s in the “little splashers” group!
  5. Fall seems to be well and truly here.  I really need to get the little man some long sleeved onesies/shirts and perhaps a coat.
  6. I would really start to feature some guest bloggers on my blog, I’ll be dedicating a post on this soon!
  7. We are really enjoying the Sandra Boynton board books at home.  I bought them after Jocelyn from The Home Tome mentioned them a few months back and I am not disappointed.
  8. Does anyone know of a class of FSL (French as a second language) that would be interested in exchanging letters/postcards with a group of ESL (Enslish as a second language) teens with learning difficulties?  I was thinking the FSL students could write in French and my ESL students could reply in English!
  9. I am part of the Group Postcard Exchange that Valerie has organized through her blog.  If anyone is interested in swapping postcards with me, you can shoot me an email at mommytrainingwheels (at) gmail (dot) com.
  10. I’m tutoring tonight and am sooo tired.  I have no idea how I’m going to manage to stay awake.  Wish me luck!
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My Son Ate Some Sand (and He Liked It…)

For the past three weeks, I have seen my son flourish.  Daycare is really awesome right now.  Besides the fact that he loves it and is almost always in a good mood these days, he has also started picking up some new stuff.  Though I don’t know if all of the new things that he is trying out are caused by him being around other (older) children or if he was just developmentally ready to try out new things, it is fun to see how quickly he has evolved.

The first thing I noticed was his babbling.  Before, he would sometimes emit a squeal of pleasure, or “hum” a bit if I sang to him.  Now and again, he would start chattering with a toy, but as soon as I talked to him or tried to initiate a “conversation” he would stop.  These days though, he chats up a storm pretty much all the time.  When I drive him to daycare, I always know whether he’s awake or sleeping because as long as he’s awake, he babbles.  He also joins in conversations and expresses his opinions loudly during meals.

Little Dude has also become quite the little explorer.  He has a fascination with zippers.  Seriously, he is OBSESSED with them.  He also likes to open and close things, namely drawers and cabinet doors.  Today, he spent a good 45 minutes in the kitchen just opening and closing doors, pulling up, sitting back down and playing with the “toys” hidden behind the cabinet doors.  Of course, this activity came with multiple squeals of pleasure on his part.

P1080813Speaking of pulling up, he has also started cruising.  A part of me is eager to see his start walking around, but another part of me just isn’t ready yet.  He is adept at going up stairs (when he decides that he feels like going up on his own, that is).  He’s working on his fine motor skills too and is using something that resembles a pincer grip frequently now.  Charles has also taken to exploring little holes with his fingers and random objects (which is why I am sooo happy that we have outlet covers everywhere) and has discovered a new activity in the bathtub: removing the plug and trying to put it back in so that he can take it out again.  He does this until there is no more water left and then pulls out to be taken out of the tub.

The little man loves the park -especially the swings – and is not afraid to play in the grass or in the sand.  So far, he had tried to sample a couple of blades of grass (and decided he did not really like the taste), but he had never thought of bringing some sand to his mouth.  Of course, it was just a question of time before it happened though.  Today, when we went to the park, there were some other children there.  A little girl – a 14 month old – walked up to him eventually.  She shoveled some sand in front of him and then brought the sand-filled shovel close to his mouth (which, for the record, he opened wide *sigh*).  Both myself and the little girl’s mom intervened in time but the experience gave him an idea.  About five minutes later, my son decided to grab a handful of sand and bring it to his mouth.  I decided to not stop him because I figured that he would try and try until he got to sample the sand.  I also figured that he would put sand in his mouth once, grimace, maybe whine/cry a bit and not do it again.  Well, he brought the sand to his mouth and then…put his hand in the sand again to shove another handful in.  What gives?  The kid likes sand it would seem.  (For the record, I did not let him put a third handful in his mouth and was able to distract him into doing something else afterwards).

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Friday Photo Recap: The Sunday Edition

In case you were wondering, I *do* have some issues with time management.  I am particularly good in the procrastination department and with having too many ideas at once and forgetting what I planned on doing.  This partially explains the inconsistency of my Friday Photo Recap posts.


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What’s Your Parenting Method? (CTFD & 8 More)

Apparently, there’s a “new” “revolutionary” parenting method that is rockin’ the Web these days.  Affectionately known as CTFD (Calm the F*** Down), it apparently stemmed from the idea that parents these days are much too competitive when it comes to their children and need to learn to CTFD when they realize that *gasp* their child isn’t doing something that another child of the same age is doing.  Because, apparently, every parent’s child needs to be more advanced than the other parent’s child.

By the way, my 8 month old is already doing algebra whilst standing on one hand.  What is your 8 month old doing? 😛

Anyways, I thought I’d try my hand at this and list some more REVOLUTIONARY parenting methods because, you know, I’m an overachiever and want to push the envelope even further than the inventor of CTFD and give parents an arsenal of methods to use.  I’m even going to leave out cuss words because, y’know, we wouldn’t want our children to develop bad habits, now would we?


Mommy Training Wheel’s Ultimate Guide To Stress-Free Parenting

  • 1.  JSAN (Just Smile and Nod)
  • Like when the lady at Walmart decides to harass you and make you feel like you’re a bad father for bringing your son into the store without any socks on.  (Happened to my partner the other day!)
  • 2.  LTYH (Listen to Your Heart)
  • Pretty self-explanatory.
  • 3.  DWWFY (Do What Works For You)
  • You want to nurse?  Great!  Choosing formula?  Awesome!  Half and half?  Super!  Exclusive pumping?  Stellar!  Co-Sleeping? Sure thing!  Baby in his own room?  Sounds good!  Rock/nurse  to sleep?  Excellent!  Put down awake?  Cool!  Cloth diapering?  Disposables?  BLW?  Cereal and purées?  Babywearing?  …  If it works for you, GO FOR IT!
  • 4.  SYAI (Say “Yes” and Ignore)
  • Like when you MIL insists that she is going to be able to spoon feed her grandson when he’s never been spoon fed before.
  • 5.  TYG (Trust Your Gut)
  • You know that something’s not right with you little one, but the pediatrician won’t listen?  Insist, insist, insist!
  • 6.  TADB (Take A Deep Breath)
  • Feel like you’re going to lose it?  Take a deep breath?
  • 7.  PBDAR (Put Baby Down and Regroup)
  • Baby still screaming no matter what you do?  Took a deep breath but still feel like you’re going to lose it?  Put your banshee-like baby down in a safe area and go outside so you can’t hear him/her anymore for a few moments.
  • 8.  DLMO (Don’t Linger, Move On)

Did you screw something up?  Perhaps you yelled at your kid in a fit of sleep-deprived-last-nerve-trampled-splitting-headache rage?  Learn from it and move on.

So, what method do you live by?  Do you have anything to add to the list?

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12+1 Ways My Son and Dog are Similar

This last week has been a blur.

Our new dog has helped us finish babyproofing our home and has shown us that we are really going to need the help of a dog trainer.  Considering that neither of us has ever cared for puppies and considering that we know nothing of her first five months of life, it is a necessity.

Anyways, because of the craziness of having a 8 month old (almost!) baby and a new 5 month old dog, I haven’t had the time to take much pictures thus explaining the absence of the Friday Photo Recap.

I DO have something to write about though.

You see, I’ve noticed many similarities between my son and dog and I thought I would share them with you.

Both my son and dog…

1.  …sleep in a cage (or sorts).

2.  …like to chase spiders and ants.

3.  …love to look at birds.

4.  …have chew teething toys.

5.  …seem to NEED to play with things they aren’t supposed to.

6.  …are stubborn as heck!

7.  …are usually getting into some mischief if they are out of sight and I can’t hear them (remember when my son discovered the kleenex box?).

8.  …wake up at an insanely early hour.

9.  …love to go outside.

10.  …do not like to go to bed at night.

11.  …have the potential to drive me nuts.

12.  …require that I clean up after them when they poop! 😉 😛


13.  I love them both to death!

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Waaaay Past Annoyed

First off, I apologize in advance because I am about to launch into a rant.

Those of you who have been following this blog for the past month, will probably have an idea of the issue I am about to address.

I just got back from the pediatrician’s office.  We went back in two weeks after his previous visit because Charles has had more allergic reactions to food.  My goal was to at least get a script for an epipen in case his next reaction turned into something worse than hives.  I also wanted a RAST test (which requires blood to be drawn) to be prescribed so that I could know exactly what he is allergic to right now.  That way, I can be more certain of which foods (besides dairy) to avoid.

Here are the salient points from our appointment…

1.  The pediatrician won’t prescribe an epipen because he’s too young.  To further argue her cause, she cites that he has “only” had hives so far.   “Just don’t give him the foods he’s reacted to (duh!), keep some benadryl with you at all times (double duh!) and bring him to the ER if his reaction is more severe (triple duh!)”.  So if my 7 month old stops breathing on me after eating something then I have to drive 20 min. to the nearest hospital.  Excellent.

2.  We’re also not getting a blood test done.  I can’t really cite the reasons; by that time, I had decided to learn from her and ignore what she was saying.

3.  When she asked me to repeat which foods he’d had a reaction to, I recited them again.  Mentioning that I was certain about an allergy to dairy, tomato and cantaloupe and was still unsure about wheat, eggs, fish and blueberries.  She nods her head and asks me how old he is (what, you mean you didn’t take a few minutes to read his file before calling us in?!?).  7 months.  And then she goes on to scold me because supposedly he’s too young to be having fish, eggs and dairy.  WTF?  Since when?  It’s not like I gave him nuts.  And it’s not like I had any idea that he’d have a reaction in the first place because neither my partner or I have any food allergies.  Besides, I didn’t know when I started solids that his eczema was most likely a sign that he was reacting to something that was in my milk (more on that in the next point).  In her opinion, my son should be on cereal, fruits and veggies.  Good thing she doesn’t know we’re not doing purées!  Also, the introduction of solids, much like every other aspect of parenting, has many many many schools of thought.

4.  I told her that I’d read that his eczema might be a result of an allergic reaction to the lactose he gets through my breastmilk because I eat dairy.  I went on to add that I was meeting with a dietician tomorrow so that she can help me with an allergy elimination diet starting with the removal of all milk products from my meals.  The pediatrician tells me that I should definitely be removing not only dairy but anything else that my son has reacted to so far as though it was the most obvious thing in the world (let me remind you here that the last time I went – two weeks ago – she had asked me if I’d had to remove anything from my diet since giving birth and when I said ‘no’ she didn’t suggest that dairy was one of the things that was probably causing my son’s bad eczema).

5. As seems to be the case with our recent appointments, she kept focusing on his eczema.  So, I ended up getting a prescription for a moisturizing cream, another prescription for a cortisone cream for his body, another one to control his itchiness and a reminder that the cortisone cream we already have at home is for his face…

Basically, we’re going to be treating the symptoms instead of the cause until our appointment with the pediatric allergist comes up in October and hoping that his hives stay “just” hives to avoid a trip to the ER.

I’m really hating our health care system right now.  I know that the grass only looks greener on the other side of the fence and that no matter where I’d go, I’d have to face different challenges, but the grass is looking pretty yellowish to my eye on my side of the fence right now…

OK, rant over.