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Woot Woot!

You know how there are some days where you can’t seem to get anything done and there are others where everything seems to go your way?  Well today was one of those days.  Today, I felt like a superstar.

It all started at 6:30 with a run.  I ran for 30 minutes consecutively for the first time!  It was sooooo awesome.  I managed to get just over 4km in that time.  I’m really happy (in case you haven’t already noticed) because I had set the goal to run 30 consecutive minutes or run 5k by the end of July and I did it (with 13 days to spare!).

First 30 min run

When I got back, the kiddos were finishing up their breakfast with their dad and I sat down with them.  We played downstairs while I took care of some laundry until it was time for Amélie’s nap.  Once she was down, Charles helped me wash the windows in his room (he was quite proud and started washing everything else in sight in his room as I finished up).  Amélie woke up, we had a little snack and then we left for the grocery store to buy a few things that we were missing for lunch.

Waiting at the red light for our turn to cross.
Waiting at the red light for our turn to cross.

I realized that though these little wagons are super practical, they are also quite hard to pull with 50lbs of kids inside.  Oh well, second workout of the day LOL!.

When we got back, we got lunch going, they took their nap and then, we went to the water park.  It wasn’t super duper hot, but it was hot enough for a bit of water to be refreshing.  And since I can’t go in our pool with two kids at the same time, it was a great alternative.  Charles got wet…and then he got dirty.

He didn’t really care though and his sister was having a blast looking at her brother playing in the sand while she was in the swing.

Notice the feet inside the swing.  This is her preferred method.
Notice the feet inside the swing. This is her preferred method.

It was really great because I saw Charles interact with kids his own age.  This isn’t something that I’m accustomed to seeing because he is usually really shy.  I think that having something in common with his friend helped break the ice though.

Can anyone spot the common theme?

Both kids were all smiles on our way home…

image…and ready to keep playing once we reached our destination.  Charles kept himself busy with a branch he found (seriously, what *is* it with boys and branches?).

And Amélie was her cute and silly self (when she realized that she wasn’t going to be able to grab my phone from me, she tried to remove her hat, but missed and pinched her cheek instead).

Charles decided to help me finish up my laundry by gathering all of our remaining clothespins in the same spot…


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Rosy Cheeks

Today was an awesome day!

Since it was a holiday, I was off work (yay!) and it was a beautiful day.  Sunny, hot (but not too hot).  Perfection.  Needless to say, the little guy was thrilled.

You see, he absolutely loves to play outside.  Now that he’s understood that outdoors = fun (because it was kind of hard for him with all the snow this past winter) he wants to go out all the time.  Seriously.  Yesterday morning, he was up at 6:15 am and was asking to go out 15 minutes later.  Dude, let mama wake up, will ya!

Today was no different and he spent loads of time outdoors.  After getting up, we had some breakfast.  Then I got him dressed and we walked his dad to work.  He started getting tired when we were almost home (as the trip to work and back is a little over one kilometer), but he immediately forgot his fatigue when we turned onto our street and he saw the park.

Oh boy, he was excited!  He practically ran to the park and we spent quite some time there on the swings.  Then, he decided to go down the slides over and over and over again.  He wasn’t super pleased when I coaxed him back towards the house, but he didn’t make a big deal over it so it was all good.

Once we were back in the house, he helped me with the laundry (he especially loved handing me the clothes to hang on the clothesline ’cause that meant we were back outside 😉 ) and I phoned my parents to ask them if they wanted to go have a picnic and take a walk with Little Dude and myself.  They, of course, agreed.  I mean seriously, who can resist spending some time with Mr. Cuteness?

Incidentally, it's getting really hard to take pictures of my boy.  As soon as he sees a camera, he comes in as close as possible to try to grab it.
Incidentally, it’s getting really hard to take pictures of my boy. As soon as he sees a camera, he comes in as close as possible to try to grab it.

We ended up going back to the Ecomuseum and, after having some lunch, got to see some of his favourite animals (namely, the turkeys).  Once again, he walked almost the whole way despite the fact that we had already passed his nap time.  He was tired, but also wildly happy about observing everything around him which meant that he wasn’t cranky.

Quite predictably, Charles fell asleep in the car and wasn’t very pleased with me when I changed his extremely wet diaper (the little guy drinks so much when it’s hot out and our bamboo inserts just aren’t cutting it), but went down for his belated nap happily.

I woke him after two hours and off we went again to get daddy from his workplace.  This time, though, I brought the stroller along and Little Dude was grateful for the ride.  We stayed outside when we got home and helped the dada start setting things up in the yard.  Charles and I cleaned the patio set while we let his father do the heavy lifting.

Of course, every good thing must come to an end and though we had spent some (read: a LOT of hours of) good time outside, it was time to get in, have supper and get the bedtime routine rolling.

This is how happy my son was with me when I brought him back inside.

But why can’t we stay outside just a little while longer?

He did end up calming down when I took out the DS for him to play with and he ate like an ogre at supper.  And now, after chattering a storm in his crib for the last hour, he’s finally asleep.

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Our Easter Sunday

We had a wonderful day today despite the fact that the little guy is sick.  The weather was very nice and we didn’t have to get dressed in a whole bunch of layers to go outside.  Because, of course, now that Charles knows how fun it can be outside, he wants to go all the time.

I got him dressed and the first thing he spotted when we crossed the street to the park in front of our house was a bird.  He, of course, wanted to get up close and personal and try to touch it.

The bird mustn’t have felt that the little guy chasing it was a predator, because it stayed on the ground and just kept its distance on foot.

After a while, I grabbed my son and walked with him to the park.  He had lots of fun climbing up the stairs, going down the slide, looking at me through the clear plastic bubble window and going on the swings.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When we got back inside, the little guy had some water and a snack and I had fun styling his hair (because it’s long enough now that I can actually do something with it!).


We also had a lovely lunch with my sister, brother and grand-parents.

As the day went by though, Charles became more and more whiny and his cold was clearly gaining some ground on him.  So, we used a three-fold approach to help him feel less miserable.

  1. Lots of mommy cuddles (because, in his book, daddy cuddles just don’t seem to work when he has a cold…)
  2. Letting him eat what he wants (because he pretty much outright refuses to eat anything when he’s sick and my partner and I prefer he eats something to nothing)
  3. Swapping bath time with a shower with mommy (combining mommy cuddles, a back massage with the stream of water and clearing up his nose with the steam that the shower produces!)

Crossing my fingers for Little Dude to kick his cold in the butt during the night!

How was your Easter Sunday?

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My Son Ate Some Sand (and He Liked It…)

For the past three weeks, I have seen my son flourish.  Daycare is really awesome right now.  Besides the fact that he loves it and is almost always in a good mood these days, he has also started picking up some new stuff.  Though I don’t know if all of the new things that he is trying out are caused by him being around other (older) children or if he was just developmentally ready to try out new things, it is fun to see how quickly he has evolved.

The first thing I noticed was his babbling.  Before, he would sometimes emit a squeal of pleasure, or “hum” a bit if I sang to him.  Now and again, he would start chattering with a toy, but as soon as I talked to him or tried to initiate a “conversation” he would stop.  These days though, he chats up a storm pretty much all the time.  When I drive him to daycare, I always know whether he’s awake or sleeping because as long as he’s awake, he babbles.  He also joins in conversations and expresses his opinions loudly during meals.

Little Dude has also become quite the little explorer.  He has a fascination with zippers.  Seriously, he is OBSESSED with them.  He also likes to open and close things, namely drawers and cabinet doors.  Today, he spent a good 45 minutes in the kitchen just opening and closing doors, pulling up, sitting back down and playing with the “toys” hidden behind the cabinet doors.  Of course, this activity came with multiple squeals of pleasure on his part.

P1080813Speaking of pulling up, he has also started cruising.  A part of me is eager to see his start walking around, but another part of me just isn’t ready yet.  He is adept at going up stairs (when he decides that he feels like going up on his own, that is).  He’s working on his fine motor skills too and is using something that resembles a pincer grip frequently now.  Charles has also taken to exploring little holes with his fingers and random objects (which is why I am sooo happy that we have outlet covers everywhere) and has discovered a new activity in the bathtub: removing the plug and trying to put it back in so that he can take it out again.  He does this until there is no more water left and then pulls out to be taken out of the tub.

The little man loves the park -especially the swings – and is not afraid to play in the grass or in the sand.  So far, he had tried to sample a couple of blades of grass (and decided he did not really like the taste), but he had never thought of bringing some sand to his mouth.  Of course, it was just a question of time before it happened though.  Today, when we went to the park, there were some other children there.  A little girl – a 14 month old – walked up to him eventually.  She shoveled some sand in front of him and then brought the sand-filled shovel close to his mouth (which, for the record, he opened wide *sigh*).  Both myself and the little girl’s mom intervened in time but the experience gave him an idea.  About five minutes later, my son decided to grab a handful of sand and bring it to his mouth.  I decided to not stop him because I figured that he would try and try until he got to sample the sand.  I also figured that he would put sand in his mouth once, grimace, maybe whine/cry a bit and not do it again.  Well, he brought the sand to his mouth and then…put his hand in the sand again to shove another handful in.  What gives?  The kid likes sand it would seem.  (For the record, I did not let him put a third handful in his mouth and was able to distract him into doing something else afterwards).