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Wednesday WIP: April 12th 2017


Hi guys!

As I mentioned in yesterday’s TTT post, I finished Charles’ pig earflap beanie.  And, you know, though I found Charles’ choice of complementary colours questionnable at best, they all work remarkably well together.  Perhaps he’ll be a fashion designer later on?  Haha!

I’ve also progressed a bit on the scarf I was working on, though I took a break from it after Amélie found both the scarf and my scissors and “helpfully” cut my working yarn.  On the bright side, she didn’t cut into the actual scarf!  I really like the color progression and enjoy the big blocks of colours.  I’m hoping to finish it this week.

FullSizeRender 2

I also started working on another little octopus a while back.  The initial hospital that I contacted hasn’t gotten back to me, but I’ve found another one who might be interested.


I played around with this one and added an eye patch to turn it into a pirate.  I only have 5 tentacles left to crochet before I can stuff it and close it up.  I also decided to do 3 sc instead of 2 sc in each chain link of the tentacles.  It makes for a bit wider tentacles but they are also tighter.  I’m eager to finish it to compare with my other one and decide what I like best.

What project(s) are you currently working on?  Feel free to link up to one of your own WIP posts!

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Wednesday WIP: April 4th 2017


Hi guys!

I’m so happy to be doing a new WIP Wednesday!  Woot woot!

I finally finished my sister-in-law’s poncho over the weekend.  I don’t know exactly why it took me so long to finish, I mean, the pattern works up very quickly.  I guess I just got caught up in a whole lot of other things (I have waaaay to many projects in my head!).

Wanna take a look?  Of course you do!

I’m really pleased with the way it turned out!  I ended up needing six skeins of yarn (I used Vanna’s choice), two for each colour.  Honestly, I had a bit of a hard time actually giving it away once I tried it on – so comfy!

Now, I’m working on two new projects.  You already know that I’m working on a pig beanie for Charles.  He’s even picked out colours for the insides of the ears (Yoda green) and snout (sunglass-worthy orange).


Though these are, quite obviously, not the colours I would have chosen, but I absolutely love the fact that his mind isn’t blocked by conventions.

My other project, despite the fact that the weather is finally warming up, is a scarf.  I bought a Caron Cake and had been wondering what to do with it.  Then, I saw this woven tartan pattern on Tami’s blog (Tanglewood Knots) and it gave me an idea.  I decided to do my filet mesh with the cake and am planning on doing my chains in grey.  What do you think?


What project(s) are you currently working on?  Feel free to link up to one of your own WIP posts!

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Wednesday WIP: March 8th 2017



So I haven’t finished my sister-in-law’s poncho yet (though I did add a skein of yarn to it) because I’ve been engrossed in another project.

You see, recently an article popped up in my Twitter feed about something called the octo project.  It’s basically an initiative that began in Denmark in which crocheters crafted octopus amigurumi to give to preterm babies.  Anecdotal accounts indicate that the preemies who were given these octos seemed calmed by their presence because their tentacles resembled the umbilical cord.  These babies had calmer breathing and weren’t drawn to pulling at their medical equipment.

Since I found the project so interesting and given that I’ve been meaning to try my hand at amigurumi again, I decided to craft a little octopus and contact the donations department of the Montreal Children’s hospital to see if they would be interested in receiving some crocheted octopods.

They are super easy to make and oh so cute!  Plus, they’re great stash busters!  To give you an idea of size, the picture to the right is one of my 4 year old holding the octopus.

I’m really hoping that the hospital will be interested in trying this out.  If not, I’ll contact the other children’s hospital in my area.  At worst, I’ve a newfound interest and renewed confidence in doing amirugumi!

What project(s) are you currently working on?  Feel free to link up to one of your own WIP posts!

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Wednesday WIP: February 22th 2017



I managed to finish the scarf I was working on for my daughter last week.  Yay!  I only ended up using the two skeins that I’d bought as I found it was long enough for her.  The scarf is absolutely fantastic.  It’s soft, it’s squishy, it’s warm and it is SUPER cute.  Here, see for yourself!

Here’s a closeup view of the “scales” and another of the WS (wrong side) of the scarf.  (Don’t mind the funky colour change, it’s the same scarf, just with a pretty apparent lighting change).

I even managed to snap a few shots of it on the little miss.  She wasn’t overly thrilled to pose for me, but I bribed talked her into allowing me to snap a few shots of her with the scarf.

My next goal is to finish this beauty.


It’s a poncho that I started making for my sister-in-law for Christmas…and had to stop when I ran out of yarn.  So far, I’ve used up three whole skeins of Vanna’s Choice.  One in Purple Mist, one in Eggplant and one in Purple.  I recently bought three new skeins (one of each colour) and am hopeful that it will be enough to finish this project and maybe add some tassels (now wouldn’t that be lovely!).  She may not be needing it this year as Winter is almost over (*knock on wood*), but I’m sure she’ll be happy anyways.

What project(s) are you currently working on?  Feel free to link up to one of your own WIP posts!

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Getting (Re)hooked

A couple of years ago, I started to learn crochet.  And once I got the “hook: of it (because, yes, there was a lot of cussing and starting over…and over…and over, at first), I loved it.  I mostly stuck with simple stuff like scarves, dishcloths and beanies, but I enjoyed it.

Then, last Christmas came along and  I spent an insane amount of time crocheting.  I was really happy with the way everything came out, but since I had gone crazy with it, by the time I was done, I was done.

But recently, I decided it was time to get my yarn and hooks out again.  Since it’s getting chilly (and I have a nice sample of different colours from past projects), I settled on a poncho for my 2 year old.  I found a graphic pattern here (which I had to learn to read, because I only knew how to read written patterns) and got to work.  It took a bit of finnicking before I could figure out how to join and start a new row correctly, but in the end, I managed.


What do you think?  Pretty cute, eh?

Since the blogger who posted the pattern didn’t give any indication as to which type of yarn she used, I had to play around with what I had (I used worsted weight yarn, by the way).  What I did know is that my initial chain had to be in multiples of 8 and I ended up going with a chain of 64.

I have to say, I am pretty pleased.  This thing worked up quickly (which is a good thing because the 3 month old has decided of late that naps weren’t his bag of tea…) and it gives an amazing result.


Because she’s two years old (and she knows it), Amélie showed me how absolutely thrilled she was at posing for me this morning.

I think it looks pretty darned good.  I really like the length, but I think the neck opening is a bit too large.  If I were to make another poncho for a two year old, I’d probably go with a chain of 56 (or even 48) instead of 64.  But hey, it’s no biggie.

Now, on to my next project.  Stay tuned!