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Ten Thought Tuesday: Sleepy


  1. Ok, so technically, it’s not Tuesday here yet, but since Mr. I-can-fall-asleep-and-start-snoring-within-30-seconds-of-getting-in-bed has done just that, I figured it was as good a time as ever.
  2. To save my sanity and not go totally berserk on him for something over which he has no control, I’ve decided to relegate myself to the basement couch for the night.  The upside is that it’s cooler downstairs than it is upstairs (yay?).
  3. I’m still looking for birth stories to share on my Many Faces of Chilbirth page.  A big thank you to those of you who have already linked or sent a story.  If anyone else is interested, please check out this page for all of the details.
  4. My dental clinic called today to schedule my yearly exam.  They wanted to see me on August 20th.  I told them that I was very pregnant and that later would be better.  I ended up taking an appointment on October 8th.
  5. To help with the natural birth I’m aiming for, my partner has been practicing some massage techniques.   I think that given my couch predicament, he’ll be doing some more practicing tomorrow ;).
  6. This coming weekend, my partner is participating in a miniature train exhibition.  Among AFOL LEGO builders like himself, there will be a whole bunch of other exhibits for trains enthusiasts.  I’ll be going along with Charles so that he can get his fill of trains (and, at the same time, I’ll be there to support my partner in one of his passions – LEGO MOCing).
  7. Everyone around me is betting that Peanut is going to come early.  I think that given that both myself and the dada are stubborn as heck, the little peanut will decide to extend his/her stay just to contradict everyone.  My thoughts: s/he’ll come out when ready.
  8. It was finally warm enough yesterday to warrant going in our pool!  Woohoo!  I think I’ve only been in it about 5 or 6 times since the start of summer so far.
  9. Our few pool visits were enough to get Charles accustomed to the water once again though so I expect that the transition to the swimming lessons we’ll be continuing with him in September will be rather smooth.
  10. Speaking of the little guy, he’s definitely entering the wonderful world of the teenaged-toddler.  It’s both a pleasure and a pain in the butt to see him asserting himself.
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How to Make Your Toddler Happy and Sleepy

You know it’s going to be a good day when the dada gets up with the kiddo so that the mama can sleep in a little bit.

You know it’s going to be an even better day when you wake up (after sleeping in) to the dada making a big breakfast for all of the occupants in the house.

You know it’s going to be an awesome day when you can eat said breakfast on the balcony ’cause at 7:30 am it’s cool enough yet warm enough to eat outside without freezing your butt off in just shorts and a T-shirt.

Sure enough, we had a wonderful day.

By 9am the dada, the kiddo and myself were out the door and in the car heading to the mall.  We both had some clothes to buy – well, actually, my partner actually needed some pants, whereas I decided I needed that cute dress I saw after finding a pair of leggings I actually did need (but it’s all good ’cause I’m pregnant, so I’m allowed to decide that I spontaneously need something, right?).  We also went to take a look in the LEGO store and bought a summer hat for Charles ’cause the hats he has left are either too small or too big (my MIL seems to think that Little Dude is bigger than he is – oh well, they’ll fit him fine in a year…or two 😉 ) Before heading home, we went to Home Depot to grab some paint samples for the little guy’s big boy room and some mulch and dirt for the vegetable garden.  We then stopped for some lunch and went to the grocery store to pick up a few things for supper.

Let me tell you, the little guy went down like a rock for his nap when we got home.  In fact, two hours later, he was still sleeping like a baby and I commissioned my little brother to wake him up so that we’d be able to put him down for bed later during the day.

Of course, when he woke up, the little guy just had to go outside, which was a good thing as the dada and I were working outside anyways.  So I got Charles in a bathing suit, slathered some sunscreen on him, put his hat on his head and sent him out on the balcony.  Since it was quite hot outside, I made a small “pool” for him with a large plastic box which I set down at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the balcony.

Oh boy, he was so happy!


I  mean, besides being outside, with toys he was also in some water and was able to observe his father working on the vegetable garden.  He stayed in for over an hour before wanting out.  I suspect it had something to do with the very heavy diaper he was sporting (yeah, I forgot that he had a disposable diaper on when I let him get in his “pool” – not my best moment lol).

After getting changed again, he was ready to help out with the gardening.


You can just see him push with all his might to get the wheelbarrow moving, but it would not budge.  Of course, after all that hard work, he needed a break and came back towards the house asking for some juice.


Soon enough, it was time for supper and the whole bedtime routine and for the first time in many weeks, the little guy did not chatter for an hour before falling asleep.  He was out like a light in no time!

I hope you all had a great weekend and happy Memorial Day weekend to my American friends!

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Ten Thought Tuesday: Septembre 24th edition


  1. The baby nasal aspirator I bought yesterday claims that it is “efficient, quick, fun and hygienic”.  I’m not sure I agree with the “fun” part (nor does my son, for that matter) or with the “quick” part, for that matter.
  2. We went to Little Dude’s first swimming lesson on Sunday.  He was so funny because he hardly interacted at all, he was just observing everything.
  3. I’ve just come back from buying a Fall/Spring coat for Charles.  Right now, it goes down to his knees.  I’m hoping it’ll be still big enough for him when Spring comes ’round.
  4. I really need to try this recipe one of these days.  Believe it or not, it’s a main course.  Of course, I’d follow it up with this, which is – you guessed it! – a dessert!
  5. I brought Little Dude to the dentist with me the other day.  He was fascinated with all of the sights and sounds and gladly let the dentist put a gloved finger in his mouth once I was finished.
  6. Speaking of dentists and teeth, his last two incisors cut a couple of days ago.
  7. I’m finding it really hard to keep up with all of the posts of the blogs I follow.  I try to read them all, but I just don’t have the time to comment on all of them 😦
  8. I’m starting to get the hand of Splinter Cell: Blacklist.
  9. Looking forward to my next opportunity to participate in a Bzzz campaign.  I didn’t respond quickly enough last time one was sent out.
  10. I can’t believe how time flies.  September is almost over, Charles is now 10 months old and we’re (finally!) nearing the appointment with the allergist.
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Friday Photo Recap

I’ve decided that I’d start a new theme on my blog: Friday photo recap (kind of like Wordless Wednesday but mommytrainingwheel style :D).  I’ll be putting up pictures of things we did over the week with Little Dude.  The thing is, there are always so many things I want to write about but don’t necessarily have the time to.  Often, when I get around to writing about one particular event, others have surfaced and so, the one I was planning on writing about kind of ends up on the back burner.  So, without further ado, here are a few of last week’s moments!

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Getting Our Weekly Dose Of Vitamin D “Au Naturel”

Now, I don’t know what it’s like in your neck of the woods, but up here we don’t get to go out in the sun uncovered very often in a year.  Between the long Winters and the grey Falls and Springs, it’s hard to get some natural vitamin D.  Given our situation, it’s not surprising that parents of a brand new baby are given vitamin D drops to give to their breastfed babies until such a time as they can start drinking cow’s milk.

Now, in my book, there’s nothing like the real thing.  As such, I started researching how much sunlight I would need to expose my son to in order to meet his body’s requirements for this important vitamin without needing to give him the prescription drops.  To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised with what I found out.

It seems that he needs a weekly total of 30 minutes of sunlight if he’s just out in a diaper (an average of less than 5 minutes per day) or 2h of sunlight if he is fully dressed without a hat (an average of about 30 minutes per day).  Well, that’s easy to do!

Encouraged by this knowledge, we decided to catch some rays yesterday (because it was a gorgeous day even thought it was hot and humid).  Besides having some yummy “ice cream” in his diaper on the balcony, my son also got to cool off in a makeshift pool filled with barely lukewarm water.

Needless to say, he was very happy and had an awesome time! (Plus he got all the vitamin D his body needed for the whole week!)