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The Potty Training Chronicles: The Conclusion

PT Chronicles finalSo after a horrible day of potty training and two subsequent not so good days, things got better.  We are now a little over a month in potty training and Charles has not only managed to get back to where he was before his potty training hiccup but has managed to make additional gains.

First of all, it is no longer a negotiation to get him out of his diaper and into his boxer post-nap and in the mornings.  At first, we adjusted would give him a good 15 minutes to fully wake up before changing him out of his diaper.  Then suddenly, after a week or two of this, Charles started asking to have his diaper removed as soon as he woke up.  SCORE!

Secondly, on week three of potty training, Charles started to attend daycare again.  The sitter was super open-minded about this and Little Dude did wonderfully.  Because his friends (who are both two years older than him) are potty trained, he was super motivated to use the big toilet just like them.  He still prefers his potty when he’s at home, but outside of the house he can use a big toilet without a fuss (which is why we bring along a potty ring whenever we are out).

Finally, we’re getting more and more dry naps and this morning we had our first dry nighttime diaper.  YAY!

Oh and as a bonus, Charles is now able to pull down his boxers by himself!

I’m in no rush to get him out of diapers during sleep-time and plan on doing so only when he can stay consistently dry during naps (and later on during the night), but I’d say that potty training was a success.

Look out for an upcoming post on the keys to our particular potty training success story!

Did you write a post on potty training?  Care to share your story?  Feel free to post in the comments section!

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The Potty Training Chronicles: Holy Regression Batman!

PT Chronicles finalOh wow.  What a morning.  Seriously, though Little Dude was up and out of his nighttime diaper at 7am, by 9:30am I was this -> <- close to throwing in the piss-soaked diaper.

So, what happened, you ask?  Well, I’m not exactly sure.  I mean, in the first four days, he did wonderfully.  We went from a toddler who didn’t realize that he was peeing to a toddler who was not only able to hold it in long enough to make it to his potty on his own, but managed to stay dry during his nap.

On day 5 (Christmas day) we decided to push the envelope further and keep him out of his diaper as we drove to my parents’ house (a 10 minute drive) for a morning family time.  At my parents’, we brought his potty and the progress continued.  Not only did he stay dry in the car, he even managed to keep his boxers and pants dry all morning and used the potty twice while at his maternal grandparents’ house.


After lunch, we drove to my in-laws’ house for the afternoon and evening.  Then, the plan was to leave the kids with them for the night (their Christmas present to us and them :D).  I was feeling super comfortable with this because Charles had been doing so well with the potty.  The afternoon went well for Charles, but he had his first accident of the day during supper.  Of course, take a new potty (my MIL buys everything for her house so that we don’t have to pack full bags for the kids when we go to her house) and a long refill-filled supper and it was an accident waiting to happen.  I didn’t think much of it though as Charles was only on day 5 of potty training.  I figure that 5 days into potty training, it’s normal for accidents to still happen.  Of course, a second accident happened a short while later, but Charles managed to successfully use the potty before we left for the night.

And then, he came back home on the 26th during the afternoon…

Besides coming back with a diaper, he was super clingy.  No wait, let me rephrase that, he was SUPER clingy all evening.  It was so out of character that my partner and I decided that Charles would go to bed at 6:30 instead of 7:00.  We assumed that he was tired because he had gone to bed too late the previous evening (and, I mean, who can blame the grandparents for keeping him up past his bedtime?).

Fast forward to this morning.  Charles did not want me to take off his diaper when he woke up.  He also wanted to be stuck to me all the time.  Seriously, if he could have physically gotten under my skin to stay with me at all times, he would have.  Then, he had accident on top of accident on top of accident.  Even on day 1 of potty training he didn’t pee as much.  Even on day 1 of potty training, he managed to land a few pees in the potty.  Right now, it’s as though we’re on day -5.  It’s as though he forgot every single thing he knew about potty training and then some.

And it’s so very frustrating, because each time he pees on the floor by accident, he starts crying and gets angry.  And each time, once he’s on the potty, his father or I give him a hug, tell him we love him and that accidents are ok and remind him that pee goes in the potty while we wipe the urine off the ground.

So I know that something must have happened while he was with his grandparents.  I just don’t know what.  I know that when I called yesterday morning, my MIL assured me that everything was ok.  But, when my partner came back from doing the groceries this morning, he told me that he had gotten into a row with his dad who told him that Little Dude wasn’t ready for potty training because he kept peeing everywhere at their house in the morning and he would cry each time they put him on the potty.  I know their not the kind of people to get angry at Charles for accidents.  I know that they didn’t yell at him.  But something happened and it probably seemed insignificant to them.  Charles seems to have connected two dots that weren’t meant to be connected.

Of course, the “something” can simply be the fact that he slept at his grandparents’ instead of sleeping at home.

Towards the end of the morning today, Little Dude was better.  After going through every single pair of boxers (10) he owns, plus two pairs of pants, he finally managed to make it to the potty twice before his nap.

Here’s to hoping things get better.

Did you ever experience regression during potty training?  How did you deal with it?

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The Potty Training Chronicles – Moar progress

PT Chronicles finalThe progress

We are now at the tail end of the 4th day since starting potty training with Charles and I have to say that I am absolutely amazed by his progress.

He is now able to control his bladder for longer periods of time.  On day 2, he went 10 times (7 on the potty & 3 accidents).  On day 3, he went 6 times (3 on the potty & 3 accidents).  On day 4, he went 4 times (3 on the potty and 1 accident).

It also seems that pooping on the potty isn’t a problem as he went on day 2 and every day since.

Furthermore, he surprised me today (day 4) by having his very first dry nap (we still use diapers for naps and nighttime sleep).  Plus, as an added bonus, he was able to stay in the same pair of pants from the time he awoke from his nap to the time he was ready for bed.  In the past days, he always ended up wetting his boxers because, when he had them on, he would only realize he needed to pee when he had already started.

The challenges

Though Charles has come a long way in the past four days, he still has a few quirks to work out in the realm of bowel movements.  He still needs to work on understanding when he’s about to have a bowel movement (and when he’s actually done).

Tomorrow, we’re also taking potty training to the next level.  We’re going to be out of the house for Christmas (going to my parents’ house in the morning and my in-laws’ in the afternoon).  This will be his first time out of the house without a diaper.  This means that we’re going to be testing if he can handle a 15 minute car ride and if he’ll be able to use the potty in a new setting.  I’m eager to see how things go (and plan on packing quite a bit of spare pants and boxers).

Fingers crossed for things to go well.

Merry Christmas all!

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The Potty Training Chronicles – Day 1

PT Chronicles finalWe finally started potty training today!  I have to admit, I was both excited and unreasonably frighted to start, but hey, I had to get things going eventually.  We actually had a pretty good day.

As soon as Charles got home from swimming lessons, I got really excited and showed him his potty.  We started by getting it out of the box and getting it set up with the 3 AA batteries that are required for the headache-inducing songs to play (but my toddler loves them so, meh, small price to pay).  The potty got him really excited.  Then, I managed to bribe him into taking his pants and diaper off and in exchange he got to pick a pair of really cool boxers to wear.  After repeating that now, he was going to pee in the potty like a big boy, he was allowed to go on with his business.

After about 10 minutes, I checked him.  His boxers were wet.  “Oh look, Charles, your boxers are wet, you peed in them”, I said in a cheery voice.  “Don’t worry, let’s get them off.  Remember, pee goes in the potty.  How ’bout you go sit on your potty and mommy will give you a marshmallow”.

I did not put another fresh pair of boxers on after that.  (Yep, the little guy went around the house with naught but a shirt on for the rest of the day)

After that, we had a few accidents.  He wasn’t used to monitoring his need to pee or announce it as he’s never had to.  We always got him on his potty as soon as we could and cleaned up, never making a big deal out of accidents.

Eventually, though, a positive accident happened.  He was sitting on his potty watching some Youtube videos (hey, why sit on the sofa when you can sit on a singing potty instead, right?) and I heard the darned thing congratulate him.  He just kept sitting there as though nothing had happened.

Well I got excited.  I paused his video, got him off the potty and showed him what was inside.  Then, we started a routing of emptying in the toilet, wiping, flushing, washing hands and putting a sticker on his chart (no marshmallows needed!).  The second pee we caught happened the same way, by accident.

After that, he started announcing that he was peeing while in the act.  Now that was progress!  We were even able to get him to finish peeing in the potty once he had started on the floor.  Eventually, he started asking either his father or I to put our computer in front of the potty.  He would then sit down and a minute or two after, we would hear his potty congratulate him.  By then though, he didn’t need his potty to tell him that he had gone; he would stand up and announce his success.

I was thrilled to see how far he’d gone in one day, but that would not be the end of the progress.  By the end of the day, Charles was announcing that he had to go pee before going.

Then, before supper, he talked about needing to go #2.  I got him on the washroom toilet and we sat there together chatting.  At one point, he asked for a diaper.  But I repeated that diapers were just for bedtime.  He eventually got off the toilet, had supper and then took his bath without going.  After that, I got him in a diaper and we did his bedtime routine.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to find him in a dirty diaper tomorrow morning (which is why I put on a nice coat of cream on his bum first), but I’m ok with that.  We’ll take this potty training thing one step at a time.

Tally of the day:


7 pees caught.  I’m thinking that’s pretty good.

Was it longer for your kids to learn to use the potty for bowel movements?  Do you have any winning strategies (besides patience) to help a toddler along?

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Ten Thought Tuesday


  1. I’m 20 weeks along today.  Can you believe it?
  2. We haven’t caught anything in the potty yet.  My son waits until his diaper is on before relieving himself.  BUT, he does like sitting on his new “chair”.
  3. The weather here is all over the place.  Yesterday it was 25C and rainy and tomorrow it’s going to be 0C with a chance of snow.  I mean, come on Mother Nature, isn’t is spring yet?
  4. The little guy’s new favourite breakfast food is oatmeal.  When I tell him it’s time for breakfast, he enthusiastically grabs the box of oatmeal (that he chose when we went grocery shopping together) and sets it on the table and then helps me put everything else we need on the table.  Then, he helps me prepare it.  His favourite part though is eating it! 😉
  5. Today, I’ll be making these delicious energy bites for the accountants at the office where my partner works.  They’ve been putting in so many hours to get the tax returns done before the end of the month and I think they all deserve a little treat (my partner included).
  6. Sunday, my partner made some delicious brownies to bring to work yesterday (we follow the recipe without adding the espresso and they are absolutely divine!).  Needless to say, the triple batch he whipped up didn’t last very long at the office.
  7. I can’t wait for the park in front of our house to become more dry so that I can bring Charles during the weekend or once he’s home from daycare.
  8. Yesterday for lunch, I made some hot brie, turkey breast and pear sandwiches.  So yummy!  (Hum, I think I may be in need of a snack, this is the third point in relation to food lol).
  9. With today’s weather the way it is, I’ll be making the most of being indoors and try to tidy up the house.  I’m feeling loads better now that I’ve been resting for two weeks so I actually have the energy to do some cleaning (yay!).
  10. I think it might be leopard gecko mating season; my female has been digging like mad for the past three days.

How are you doing today?

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The Babies ‘R Us 3-In-1 Potty Chair: First Impressions

*Disclaimer: This is not a paid endorsement of a product.  It is just my honest opinion on a product that I recently bought*

So, I finally took the plunge and bought a potty for my son.  After a couple of hours of online shopping and review reading (no joke!), I finally settled on the Babies ‘R Us 3-In-1 Potty Chair.

There it is!
There it is!

It hasn’t had much use yet, but so far there are quite a few things that I like about it.


1.  It’s compact and can likely fit in a small sized washroom.

Nicely sized.
Nicely sized.

2.  It’s gender neutral: grey, white and lime green.

3.  It is 3-in-1, meaning that it can serve as a potty seat, as a training seat and as a step stool.

You've already seen the potty seat.  Here's the training seat and step stool.
You’ve already seen the potty seat. Here’s the training seat and step stool.

4.  It only has four pieces to it and is easy to assemble and disassemble.


5.  There is a built-in urine shield (as opposed to a removable one as I saw on a few of the potty seats I looked at today).

6.  The lime green part is a foam cushion which gives me the impression that it will be more comfortable to sit on.

7.  It doesn’t have any bells or whistles.  No lights, no sounds, no batteries.

8.  There aren’t any textured parts or crevices, which means that it will likely be easy to clean.

9.  At 20$, it’s a great value – especially when you don’t really know what you’re getting into with regards to potty training.

Of course, for all its positive points, there are also aspects that I don’t like as much.


1.  It is easy to take apart.  Maybe a little too easy.  The lime green foam part in particular is very attractive and is one of the first things that my son grabbed.  He then proceeded to make a necklace out of it and parade around the house with his new find (which is cute because it hasn’t come into contact with any waste yet, but…).

2.  The step stool seems a little unsteady to me.  Though it does have grips on the bottom to avoid that it slips, there is no base that attaches to it so I find it lacks stability.

3.  Because the base is the same size as the top (as opposed to the base being a little larger than the top part), it can be unsteady for a newbie toddler trying to get on by himself as best he can.

What my son thinks of it

Little Dude was positively beaming when I sat him on his potty (fully clothed) the first time.  He then spent the rest of the evening either carrying his new seat around, trying to sit on it by himself, or using the foam part as a necklace.  When he signed that he was done with his bath, he enthusiastically pointed to the potty and so I sat him on it asking him if he needed to go pee-pee.  Though he didn’t pee, he happily stayed on it for a minute and then got up.  I put a diaper on him and then he spent the next 5 minutes getting on (or trying to) and off his potty.

So far, everything looks positive.  Little Dude likes it and though he has no conception of what it’s used for yet, he’s interested in sitting on it.  Onwards we go!


I’d give it 4 out of 5 stars for now.  I’ll update as it gets more use.

What did you use for potty training?

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A Little Trinkle

I’m thinking of investing in a potty.

I wasn’t planning on it.  I always figured I’d wait until my son had the words for “pee” and “poop” so that he could ask to go to the potty.  Actually, I figured I’d do the three-day potty training during spring break 2015 or summer 2015.

The thing is, though, my son peed on the floor again this evening and some of my neurons connected.

Ok, maybe I should rewind a bit and explain what my son was doing sans diaper.

You see, Charles likes his routines.  He likes to know what to expect.  One of his favourite parts of bath time is when he gets out.  That’s when I wipe him down and then wrap his torso in a towel and call him my little Greek god.  He just beams and walks proudly out of the washroom in his “toga” to see his dad.

Then, if I don’t catch him in time to put his diaper on, he generally finds a place to squat down and leave a little puddle of urine before continuing on with his business (namely trying to get away from me so I can’t catch him and get him ready for bed).

So, why the potty?

I realized today that his bath lengths vary considerably.  Sometimes he’s in the tub five minutes before signing to me that he is all done, other evenings he can play and play for 45 minutes before being ready to move on to the next part of his routine.  But each time, invariably, he ends up peeing on the floor if I don’t get a diaper on him within two minutes of getting him out of the tub.

Besides, what do I have to lose?  We’re going to have to invest in a potty sooner or later anyways so it’s not like I’m going to be buying something that won’t be useful somewhere down the line.  Plus, there are some people that do elimination communication (or EC) as early as the newborn days, so I suppose it makes sense to give partial potty training a go at 16 months.  Also, he’s already gotten used to waving bye bye to his flushable liner when I’m done changing him (of course, he also likes to wave bye bye when his father or I use the toilet too :D.  I figure that I can start out slowly and encourage him to use the potty when he’s done with his bath and see where things go from there.

Make sense?

Care to share your potty training experience?