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Ten Thought Tuesday: April 11th 2017


  1. We had an absolutely beautiful last couple of days.  Yesterday was warm enough to go out without a coat.  Elliot also got to explore the balcony for the first time.

    And my sister-in-law wonders why I nickname this one “chubby face”.  Just look at those cheeks!
  2. Unfortunately, my shins haven’t gotten any better.  Yesterday, my husband and I had to stop our squash game after half an hour because it felt like if I tried to run one more time, my tibia would snap.  I’m so frustrated!  I sent an email to my doctor’s office this morning and I’m planning on calling my osteopath for an appointment to see if she can do something to help while I wait for my doctor to be able to see me.
  3. I finished the beanie that I was working on for Charles last week.  I’ll be posting a picture of it in tomorrow’s WIP post.
  4. Elliot has gotten really good at standing up.  He’s often letting go of one hand, he’s been using various toys and boxes as walkers and he has started cruising by holding onto the couch.
  5. I super excited to tell you that I will be sharing a guest post with you on Thursday!
  6. Income tax season is almost over.  I’ll finally stop being a temporary single mom soon!
  7. We went to see some friends over the weekend and I finally got to meet my friend’s 6 week old!  Oh gosh, baby fever came washing right over me again!
  8. This week, we’ve got slow-cooker baby back ribs, club sandwiches and homemade falafel on the menu.  Deeeeee-licious!
  9. Today’s going to be a pretty difficult day.  Charles and Amélie decided to keep themselves awake yesterday evening so they are super tired today.
  10. After keeping it at bay for a few weeks, the cold that everyone’s gotten in the house except me has finally caught up with me.  *Sigh* Oh well, with water, rest and sinus rinse, it shouldn’t be too bad overall.

What’s on your mind this Tuesday?  Feel free to link up in the comments section!

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Ten Thought Tuesday: April 4th 2017


  1. Elliot is doing much better.  We’re halfway through his antibiotics and his breathing is a lot better.  This is probably why his body decided it would be a good time to start teething again.  Because…why not?
  2. Yesterday, my husband and I got out of the house to play some squash.  Once all three kids were in bed, we left.  This is one of the perks of having my brother live with us.  We’re thinking of making this a weekly thing.
  3. Today is supposed to be a run day, but I’m going to skip it.  I started having some shin pain on Sunday after my run and playing squash probably didn’t help as I’m still tender today.  I’m thinking of dropping a run altogether and replacing it with some swimming to give my legs more rest between runs and try to avoid injuring myself.
  4. Giving the kids their bath is now quite a sport.  Elliot is just so excited in the tub and keeps moving around.  Plus, now that he’s pulling up consistently, he does it in the tub as well.
  5. For the next week, we’re supposed to get rain, rain and more rain.  Yup, Spring is definitely coming!
  6. I haven’t had time to look at my reader all weekend.  I’m planning on trying to catch up today.
  7. Since Charles and Amélie are always arguing over who will get to wear the pig beanie, I decided to crochet a second one.  I’m hoping to finish it today.img_2315
  8. So, yeah, I started playing WoW again.  In an effort to not get to intense and play for hours and hours (and not have time for anything else I like to do), I’ve decided to limit my playing time to half an hour per day.  That’s what I did yesterday and it worked well.
  9. Charles is such a tattle tale, he is driving me nuts!  Are all 4 year olds this way?
  10. Sunday evening, we had some homemade fried chicken for the first time.  It was pretty good.  Do you have a favourite fried chicken recipe?  Care to share?

What’s on your mind this Tuesday?  Feel free to link up in the comments section!

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Ten Thought Tuesday: March 28th


  1. Do you take a look at the posts people read via your stats sometimes?  Last Sunday I noticed that someone had read my post from 2 years ago on Biaxin.  Some poor soul out there is desperately trying to find a way to get their toddler to down the darned medication.  If you’re reading this, best of luck!
  2. After practicing getting into baby bear mode for the past week, Elliot managed to pull up on his own yesterday.  He was so proud!
  3. I realized yesterday that my contact me page sends people to an email that I don’t use anymore.  I found four email that had been sent over the past year to me via the contact form.  I’m bummed because I missed out on four guest post requests that would have been really interesting.  Now, I only have to figure out how to change the address.  Does anyone have an idea how?  At worst, I’ll just contact someone at live chat.  I hear they’re life-savers.
  4. Yesterday, I finished going through all of my clothing.  I’m planning on writing a separate post on the process, but I will say this: I never thought of myself as having a lot of clothing, but oh boy, the process put things into perspective!
  5. Saturday was our weekly movie night.  We watched Moana together (am I the only one who loves this movie and who can’t seem to get the music out of her head?).  I’d seen it once before when I went to the movies with Charles and still enjoyed it thoroughly, as did everyone else!

    Everyone is enjoying the movie.
  6. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the human body adapts.  After suffering from really sore calves for three days after doing my first transition run I haven’t had any soreness since – this despite doubling my run time to 2 min run/ 1 min walk.  I also had significantly less trouble with my breathing.
  7. The weather seems to be on a warming trend (finally!).  For the next week, the highs are forcasted to be on the plus side even dipping into the double digits near the start of next week.  P.s.: I’m doing a happy dance right now.
  8. Tonight we’re eating some chili.  Yummy!  I’m planning on trying to cook the beans in my slow-cooker, because each time I make red kidney beans, they always seem to turn out crunchy.
  9. I saw that Star Trek Beyond has come out on Netflix.  I’m eager to find some time to watch it.
  10. I received the steam mop I ordered last week.  I felt like a kid who’d just received a much coveted gift and I couldn’t wait to try it.  I am super happy with it.  I love how easy it it to clean my floors now!

What’s on your mind this Tuesday?  Feel free to comment of link up to a random thought post of your own!

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Ten Thought Tuesday: June 16th 2015


1.  I started week 5 of the C25K running program this morning.  It felt great!

2.  Charles has recently discovered how to remove his diaper (which he only wears at night now).  After waking up in a wet bed a couple of times, I started putting a washable diaper cover (with snap buttons) over his disposable nighttime diaper.  So far, it has worked well.

3.  I’m thinking of opening an Etsy shop in September.  Right now, I’m working on getting a few samples ready for a giveaway so that I can determine a pricing and see if opening a shop would be worthwhile or not.

4.  I finished Dragon Age: Inquisition about a week ago.  I really liked it, but found that it was hard to understand what the main quest was (it took me 20h of play before I figured it out).  Now I restarted Dragon Age: Origins, and plan on buying and playing Dragon Age 2 so I can replay Inquisition.

5.  I started watching Dr. Who a while back on Netflix and am really enjoying it.

6.  Now that Amélie can pull herself up, she is almost only content when she is on her feet.

7.  Tonight, we’re eating chicken fried rice.  What are you having for supper?

8.  Yesterday, we had salmon and Charles asked for seconds.  Seconds!  I never thought I’d ever get him to like salmon, but it seems to have happened.

9.  Despite the fact that he hasn’t used it often, Charles has become really quite good with his balance bike and can go for longer distances now.

10.For those of you who are curious, this is what Amélie’s zombie drag looks like.

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They Just Keep Growing and Growing

Last week we went to Charles’ and Amélie’s well visits.  We were lucky enough that we were able to align the little dude’s 2.5 year visit with baby girl’s 9 month visit.  Score!

In the office, the nurse started with Charles who straight out refused to stand on the scale to be weighed (I swear, he is such a scaredy cat!).  No worries, though, he was happy to sit down on the baby scale instead.  He’s just over 31 lbs now.  He then stood against the wall to get measured; only 8 cm away from measuring a meter (or just over 3 feet tall).  His pediatrician was happy with his progress and was surprised that he was potty trained.  She was completely unfazed by the constellation of bruises on his legs and arms and merely smiled when we mentioned that he falls…a lot.

(He also likes to wear goggles, by the way.  Specifically when I wash his hair.  Actually, the goggles were a solution to the endless screams and tears that were associated with the hair-washing experience)

As for Amélie, she is now 18 lbs and back up on the average curve with regards to her weight (the last time she had a well visit, at 6 months, her pediatrician had expressed some measure of concern because she had dropped quite a bit on the percentile curve).  She remains on the shorter side, measuring up at 69 cm.  When our pediatrician asked if we had any concerns, we mentioned the bump she has over her right eyebrow.

Image 2
Do you see it, right above her right eyebrow (your left on the picture)?

It’s been there a while, I remember it being there during her 6 month visit, but I hadn’t talked about it because I figured she’d just bumped her head and that it would go away.  It hasn’t.  It’s about the size of a cooked chickpea and has never seemed to bother her (I also don’t remember when it appeared, but it doesn’t seem to have grown or reduced in size).  Her pediatrician, poked and prodded and squeezed and frowned.  Then, she told us she thought it was a cyst, but gave us a referral to see a pediatric surgeon at the Montreal Children’s hospital (which is where we went for Charles’ allergies before the allergy department moved out of the hospital).  So we’ll see where that leads us.

I should probably mention that the little princess is intent on being able to follow her big brother around.  She still hasn’t mastered the crawl (which doesn’t stop her from being super speedy by doing her zombie drag), but that hasn’t stopped her from pulling up and starting to cruise.

Oh boy!

A week ago, I caught her doing this for the first time. Now she has figured out that she can even move as long as she’s holding on to something.