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Wednesday’s Words of the Week

I thought I’d try something different this week.  Instead of doing a TTT to share some random thoughts or a Wordless Wednesday, I figured I’d try to summarize the last seven days in seven words (plus a short description) or less.

So, how were the past seven days at the mommytrainingwheels household, you ask?

  1. Yawn:  What do you get when you take a sick partner who keeps himself up because of a nasty cough, a teething toddler (yup those top second molars decided to announce their presence) and a very pregnant mama?  A family of zombies who try their darnedest to function despite major fatigue.
  2. Jealousy:  This is what happens when the toddler who has always been the center of attention at daycare feels like he has become second fiddle because he now has to compete for attention with a newly arrived cute-as-a-button ten-month old.  Oh my!  (It’s actually not that bad – you can read all about it tomorrow).
  3. Fear:  Because, holy crap, I’m going to be a mom of two under two in the next couple of weeks!
  4. Excitement:  See “fear”.
  5. Independence:  The little guy developed the ability to put on his rain boots on his own.  He is now almost able to put his shirts on by himself (he can get his head and an arm through) and is working hard on putting his shorts on (except he almost always puts both legs through the same hole and so ends up looking like he is wearing a very tight skirt lol).

How have you past seven days gone?  Anyone else up to trying to sum them up in seven words or less?

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Ten Thought Tuesday: T Minus 4 Weeks

TTT1.  Wow, already 36 weeks pregnant, I can hardly believe that we’ll be a family of four soon!

2.  In the last week, Little Dude’s two lower second molars poked through.  The poor little guy wasn’t too happy about them.

3.  I finally finished watching The Mentalist (which is one of the reasons that my blogging hiatus took longer than expected).

4.  I’m working on a new group/guest post.  Look out for it this coming Friday.

5.  Last week, I went to the public library for the first time with Charles.  He was thrilled and happily picked out a few books to bring home.  I’m going back with him in a week or so.

6.  Last Friday, my partner, brother and I decided to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (we, of course, watched the movie while eating pizza).  Boy, the movie brought back memories!

7.  Yesterday, it was hot and sticky.  I’m hoping for a day with a little less humidity today.  I can’t really complain though, we’ve had a nice pregnancy summer so far (very few unbearably hot days).

8.  After a two week break, Little Dude went back to daycare yesterday.  He was very happy to see his friends.

9.  Today, for the first time, Charles has been consistently calling his dad “papa” (dad); he’s been calling him “maman” (mom) for the past three months.

10.  Speaking of new words, I’m amazed at the quantity of words he’s learning every day.  I can’t keep up anymore and sometimes, he gets irritated because I don’t understand what he’s trying to say (he wants to validate that we understand him by having us repeat what he says and will repeat his word over and over again until we figure out what he’s trying to say).

Anyone else doing TTT?