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Sleep Walking

What do you do when the baby wakes up 45 minutes into his nap and can’t fall back asleep because he’s stuffy from yet another cold (gotta love how thoughtful Amélie and Charles are when it comes to sharing germs)?


You make the most of a beautiful day, stick him in the woven wrap, secure a hat onto his head and go out for a nice long walk.  Win-win!

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When Things Don’t Go As Planned

Sometimes, you get up in the morning (at 5:45 no less because that’s when the baby happened to decide it was time to start the day) and you say to yourself carpe diem!  If I’m going to get up this early, I may as well make the most of my day.

Sometimes, you make a whole bunch of grand plans for the day.  Plans like:

  • doing the dishes from breakfast and your little brother’s midnight snack
  • preparing the chili for the evening’s supper
  • doing a load of laundry
  • writing an email to consumer support to get the still-under-warranty diapers fixed
  • sorting through a couple of boxes of baby clothes
  • getting lunch ready

And that was just for this morning.

Sometimes, the baby also has a bunch of grand plans for the day.  Plans like:

  • crying
  • whining
  • being held
  • wipe his runny nose all over his face
  • run a fever
  • imitate a purring kitten with every breath because he has chest congestion

Well, I managed to do a bit of dishes and I put a load in the washing machine.  But, I’m mostly doing this:


Yup.  So, I guess I’ll be wearing the baby for most of the day.  Oh well, I can think of worse ways to spend the day.

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The Toddler & The Stomach Flu

Step 1: put a diaper on him and tell him that big boys wear diapers when their tummies are sick.

Step 2: put the iPad mini in a medium sized ziploc bag (it juuuuuuust fits) and see if it works (it does!).

Step 3: put a special sick tummy blanket on his favourite spot of the couch.

Step 4: put the toddler on the special spot on the couch with the iPad.

Step 5: cross your fingers and hope that the baby doesn’t get it.


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My brain’s not really working today and I felt like posting, so I figured I’d go ahead and post a few random thoughts/photos/videos instead of trying to write a coherent text.

1.  After spending weeks sucking on her hand, Amélie has found her thumb.  Of course, sometimes it takes her 15 minutes to find it, but when she does, she’s happy.

P10102302.  I’m finding it hard replying to comments lately (it might have something to do with the fact that my daughter seems to have declared naps longer than 30 minutes to be a complete waste of her time).  If I haven’t replied yet, I’ll get to it eventually.

3.  Either iPhoto’s facial recognition is really bad or my kiddos really look alike because each time I upload photos of my daughter, this is what happens:

No, no, silly computer.  That is Amélie, not Charles!
No, no, silly computer. That is Amélie, not Charles!

4.  Whoever said that a breastfed baby doesn’t get sick obviously didn’t have a daycare-going-germ-covered-I-love-my-little-sister-so-much-I-want-to-touch-her-all-the-time-especially-in-the-face toddler.

5.  Yep, I’m the proud mother of a mucus-filled 3 month old and 2 year old (I’ll spare you the pictures).

6.  While I was at my dentist’s office yesterday, getting a pyogenic granuloma removed from my gums (thanks for that, Amélie, by the way…) she shared with me some of the methods that she used to try to get her boys (who, like Charles, are also allergic to penicillin) to take some Biaxin.  They included bribery with Kit Kat Bars and mixing it with a nice big squirt of pure Nestlea Quick syrup.  I love my dentist!

7.  Charles received a very cool remote-controlled car from his “third grandma” (who is actually the receptionist who works at my partner’s job) for his birthday.  (Since I often go meet my partner at the end of his work day, she has pretty much seen Charles grow up).  It was so funny to see him play with his new toy!

And there you go, that’s all I can muster for today.

Oh wait!

8.  I hate the new WP stats page!

There, I think I’m done now.

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Enough Is Enough!

It seems like Little Dude just can’t catch a break.  Three weeks ago, we brought him to the medical clinic for a bad cough to find out he had an ear infection on both sides.  Then, the morning after finishing the antibiotics he’d been taking for ten days, he broke into hives and suffered through the bad reaction all weekend.  He’d been doing pretty good for the last two days or so and then, yesterday morning, something was off.

He woke up in a good enough mood, but things quickly went downhill.  After throwing a tantrum when we had to force him to take his Benadryl, his screams and tears became more insistent.  He refused to walk, repeating the word “hurt” over and over again (a word he’d also used over the weekend, at the peak of his hives, when it was time to walk).  When, I asked him where it hurt, he told me it was to his knees.

Feeling that the tears and tantrum were more than those of a terrible two toddler who’s just plain sick of being sick, I decided to bring him in to the walk-in clinic.  It turns out that the little one has lots of fluid in his ears (which isn’t infected…yet…).  As for the pains, the doctor told me that hive sometimes came with joint pains.  He suggested we give some Motrin for the next five days to see if things got better.  After giving Charles two doses of Motrin, I see a big improvement!  Though the little guy walks as though he was an old man, at least he’s walking again.

So now, Little Dude is on a nice cocktail of Motrin and Benadryl for the next five days.  Here’s to hoping that he’ll be spared from any pain or discomfort for a while by Monday.


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What the Heck?

Watching Cars on my computer after I brought him home early from daycare.

Warning: the following post is a rant.

Let’s play a game shall we?

The papa of a sick child with mysterious symptoms that include raised red blotches all over his body that are hot to the touch calls his pediatrician’s office.  What happens?

He gets told to either make an appointment for three days later, go to a walk in clinic or go to the emergency room of a hospital.

What the heck!?

The mama of a sick child with increasingly mysterious symptoms that include raised red blotches all over his body that are hot to the touch and a low fever calls the free health hotline to try to figure out what’s going on and if the child can wait a few days before seeing a doctor.  What happens?

She gets told to monitor said child’s condition and if symptoms get worse, to go to the pediatrician’s office, a walk in clinic or the emergency room of a hospital.

Sound advice

The mama and papa of an increasingly irritable child with increasingly mysterious symptoms that include raised red blotches all over his body that are hot to the touch, a fever of 103F despite the administration of Tempra an hour previously, loss of appetite and the inability to walk because it hurts decide that it’s time to pay a visit to the local walk in clinic.  What happens?

When the dada arrives with said child, he is told that the schedule is full.  He is told to go to the hospital emergency room if he wants his child to be seen

What the heck!?

The dada drives to the nearest hospital with his child.  What happens?

The triage nurse tells him that he shouldn’t be there with his child,but should have driven an extra half hour to the nearest children’s hospital.

What the f*cking heck!?  Can someone please tell me why the heck i have to give 3500$ in income taxes to our province’s healthcare system if no one is willing to see my 22 month old?

Luckily, she decided that since my son was there, he should probably be treated.


The doctor didn’t know what he has.





We’re seeing the kiddos’ pediatrician Monday for Amélie’s 1 month appointment.  We’re planning on bringing the toddler along so that we can maybe get an answer to the “what does he have” question.

After some intense googling, my partner and I are starting to think it’s hives.  Anyone else want to wager a guess?

This morning.
This morning.
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Wednesday’s Words of the Week

I thought I’d try something different this week.  Instead of doing a TTT to share some random thoughts or a Wordless Wednesday, I figured I’d try to summarize the last seven days in seven words (plus a short description) or less.

So, how were the past seven days at the mommytrainingwheels household, you ask?

  1. Yawn:  What do you get when you take a sick partner who keeps himself up because of a nasty cough, a teething toddler (yup those top second molars decided to announce their presence) and a very pregnant mama?  A family of zombies who try their darnedest to function despite major fatigue.
  2. Jealousy:  This is what happens when the toddler who has always been the center of attention at daycare feels like he has become second fiddle because he now has to compete for attention with a newly arrived cute-as-a-button ten-month old.  Oh my!  (It’s actually not that bad – you can read all about it tomorrow).
  3. Fear:  Because, holy crap, I’m going to be a mom of two under two in the next couple of weeks!
  4. Excitement:  See “fear”.
  5. Independence:  The little guy developed the ability to put on his rain boots on his own.  He is now almost able to put his shirts on by himself (he can get his head and an arm through) and is working hard on putting his shorts on (except he almost always puts both legs through the same hole and so ends up looking like he is wearing a very tight skirt lol).

How have you past seven days gone?  Anyone else up to trying to sum them up in seven words or less?

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Our Easter Sunday

We had a wonderful day today despite the fact that the little guy is sick.  The weather was very nice and we didn’t have to get dressed in a whole bunch of layers to go outside.  Because, of course, now that Charles knows how fun it can be outside, he wants to go all the time.

I got him dressed and the first thing he spotted when we crossed the street to the park in front of our house was a bird.  He, of course, wanted to get up close and personal and try to touch it.

The bird mustn’t have felt that the little guy chasing it was a predator, because it stayed on the ground and just kept its distance on foot.

After a while, I grabbed my son and walked with him to the park.  He had lots of fun climbing up the stairs, going down the slide, looking at me through the clear plastic bubble window and going on the swings.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When we got back inside, the little guy had some water and a snack and I had fun styling his hair (because it’s long enough now that I can actually do something with it!).


We also had a lovely lunch with my sister, brother and grand-parents.

As the day went by though, Charles became more and more whiny and his cold was clearly gaining some ground on him.  So, we used a three-fold approach to help him feel less miserable.

  1. Lots of mommy cuddles (because, in his book, daddy cuddles just don’t seem to work when he has a cold…)
  2. Letting him eat what he wants (because he pretty much outright refuses to eat anything when he’s sick and my partner and I prefer he eats something to nothing)
  3. Swapping bath time with a shower with mommy (combining mommy cuddles, a back massage with the stream of water and clearing up his nose with the steam that the shower produces!)

Crossing my fingers for Little Dude to kick his cold in the butt during the night!

How was your Easter Sunday?

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Ten Thought Tuesday: Eat & Sleep


  1. I had my monthly appointment with my ob/gyn today.  Apparently, the attacks on my immune system that have happened over the past month have left their mark.
  2. After getting me on the scale, noting the number on my follow-up sheet, looking back up at the scale and getting me to get back on, my doctor asked me what had happened over the past month (um, where do I begin?  Cold, flu, gastro, ear infection…).  I’m off work for the next month so that I can rest, eat and get my immune system back online.
  3. I’ve got three awesome guest posts lined up for the next three weeks.  Look for them on Wednesdays!
  4. I’ve also got a surprise for you all on Thursday and will be needing your participation 😉
  5. I was actually able to sleep for a whole night in my bed last night (I usually move to the spare bedroom when the big guy starts snoring).  It’s either because I was sleeping on my left ear and couldn’t hear anything out of my right one, or because I’m just plain tired, or because my hormones have stabilized enough to allow me to sleep well.
  6. My brother wants to make some key lime white chocolate chip cookies.  They.  Are.  Going.  To.  Be.  YUMMY!!!!.
  7. I brought my son with me to my appointment this morning.  He was absolutely awesome!  We ended up waiting 45 minutes before it was my turn and he passed the time by reading his books out loud (so cute!), playing with his stuffed animal and observing everyone in the waiting room.
  8. We finally started watching the third season of Game of Thrones.  I got sucked right back in!
  9. We had another snow storm last Saturday.  Did I mention that I was sick and tired of winter?  I mean, come on, we’re almost in April and we’re still getting temps in the low teens (Celcius 😉 ).
  10. Ooooh!  We’re going out to buy some rain boots for Charles this weekend (because spring *is* going to come eventually, right?.  They’re going to be sooooo cute!

How was your Tuesday?