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The Big Boy Room

Well, I’m back!  Albeit it’s a little later than initially planned, but better late than never, right?

I thought I’d let you in on one of the projects that has kept me occupied after finishing with all my school stuff:  Little Dude’s new room.

You see, with #2 due in something like 8 weeks (give or take, y’know, s/he just come out when s/he’s ready), I figured it was high time to get the little guy settled in his big boy room.  Since Peanut is going to occupy the nursery that Charles has called home for the past 19 months, I wanted to get my son settled in his new room early enough for him to get used to it and not feel as though he is being chased from it by a crying-eating-pooping machine that is just waaaay too close to the mama all the time.

We got the paint job done a couple of weeks ago.  A couple of days ago, we added the decals (much to my son’s pleasure, I might add).  We really hit the nail on the head when we picked the theme to his room as he has spent a lot of time in it since the roads, cars and trucks have been put up.  He also fell in love with his new bed and has been “napping” and having me and his stuffed animals “nap” on it for the past couple of days.  Then, today, my father-in-law came in to secure the bookcase/diaper storage unit/dresser/home for his million stuffed animals and put up the roll-up curtain thingy.

Anyways, here’s what it looks like.

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As you can see, we went ahead and transitioned from a crib directly to a twin bed.  We opted for a floor bed as we wanted Charles to be able to get down from it (and back up) by himself.

Much to my surprise, his first sleep in his new room went well.  I put him down for his afternoon nap, he fell asleep without a fuss, slept for 1.5h and walked out of his room when he was done.  For the first time in 2 weeks, he didn’t wake up from his nap whining my name as he waited for me to come and get him.  I think he was both happy and surprised when he realized that he could get out of his bed and room on his own.

Putting him down for bedtime was a bit harder.  He was definitely a bit frightened and he cried a bit.  But that is totally normal, right?  I mean, he’s sleeping in a new room and a new bed with a tweaked routine.  Both his father and I went in to rub his back and calm him down.  He eventually fell asleep, with his head in the corner of the wall (he typically slept with his head in one of the corners of his crib) and his blanky clutched between his arms.  Now all that’s left to see is how the rest of the night (and the morning) goes.  I’m crossing my fingers for things to go smoothly.

Sleeping like a baby...for now.
Sleeping like a baby…for now.

I expect that sleep time for the next few days will be a bit rocky, but I’m hoping that by the end of the week, we’ll be all set.  Here’s to hoping that I’m not being overly optimistic.

When did you transition your little ones to a new bed / room?  How did it go?

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Sleeping Arrangements

Ahhh, peacefully sleeping.

Ever since we brought Charles home roughly 16 months ago, we’ve had to make several changes to our/his sleeping arrangements.  I thought I’d break down what changed when for future reference (y’know, so I don’t wonder how we managed when Peanut comes along 😉 ).

The newborn phase

Since a newborn’s circadian rhythm isn’t programmed the way ours is (from my understanding, that happens around 4 months) they have no conception of the difference between day and night.  Knowing this, we decided to establish a visible difference between naps and nighttime sleep from the getgo.  During the day, the little guy slept in his moses basket wherever his father and I were hanging out.  During nights, though we considered many options (co-sleeping, having a cot in our room…), we decided to get him used to sleeping in his own crib in his own room.  Since his room is right next to ours, we just kept both bedroom doors opened and we could hear him very quickly when he awoke for a feed in the middle of the night (or, rather I woke up very quickly – often my partner didn’t even hear him).

We swaddled him for the first week or two before stopping because he just seemed to hate it.

1 week old and snoozing away in the living room.

Eventually, when the little guy started too get big for his basket, we moved him to a baby park bed for his daytime naps.  We also started to swaddle again when he was about 6 weeks old and his moro reflex (startle reflex) started to kick in.

2 months old.  The swaddle is officially back.
2 months old. The swaddle is officially back.

The infant phase

At around the age of 4 months, we felt that Charles was ready to do his naps in his own room and so that’s where he went.  We were still swaddling (as he was still aaaages away from being able to roll) and we had started using the pacifier sparingly to help him settle down for naps when he was overtired.  Except the “sparingly” part eventually led to “frequently” and so we began our road down pacifier hell.

Weaning off the pacifier and the swaddle

By the time Charles was nearly 6 months old, I was way past the mombie phase because I had to keep on replugging the darned pacifier all night long.  I was also getting frustrated with my little Houdini’s ability to break out of every single swaddle, no matter how tight or how creative and so, after trying a gentle method  of pacifier removal (Pantley’s gentle removal), I decided to embark on the sleep training wagon get rid or both the paci and the swaddle cold turkey with the baby whisperer’s PU/PD method.  It was hard, but it ended up paying off.  Oh and this is when we invested in a lovey and when we started using a white noise machine for his sleep.

Of course, the little guy was very happy with his newfound liberty…

…and he got himself into a whole bunch of weird positions…


6 months to 16 months

…so we ended up setting his mattress to the lowest setting and we decided to invest in some sleep sacks.

Isn't a sleeping baby the cutest thing!
Isn’t a sleeping baby the cutest thing!

It took a while, but eventually, Charles started to really “get” what a lovey was meant to be used for.  When he was about 12 months old, he would grab on to his lovey when it was story time and keep hold of it when I set him in his bed.  A couple of months later, he would recognize it by name and go get it when we asked him where his friend the ghost (that’s what his lovey is called ’round here) was.  Then, at about 15 months, he started to go and grab it by himself as soon as he was out of the tub and in his pyjamas.

16 months onwards

A couple of weeks ago, after months of pretty smooth sailing when it came to putting him down for naps and bedtime, Charles started to get into a fit when it was time for bed.  Thinking that he had developed a fear of the dark, we started to turn on the little nightlight that comes with his white noise machine.  Then, one night, out of the blue, he reached out for one of his blankies.  I’d never let him sleep with one before because I’m a scaredy cat when it comes to sleep and the possibility that he might suffocate himself (he also doesn’t have any bumpers on his bed or any stuffed animals with him), but I figured that if he was old enough to ask for it, he was old enough to sleep with it (of course, there’s also the fact that he is super mobile now).  He was very happy and now grabs both his lovey and blankie once he’s in his sleepsack and ready for bed.  For the record, this is the shop where I bought the sleepsack from (seen below with a dinosaur print).  I’m not affiliated with the Etsy shop owner in any way, I was just so in love with the product (I mean, it has feet holes which means that my son can walk around in it and easily move around once he’s down for sleep!) that I decided to give it a shout out here.

Blankie: check, lovey: check, sleep sack: check.  Ready for his bedtime story!
Blankie: check, lovey: check, sleep sack: check. Ready for his bedtime story!

Another change in preparation

In preparation for Peanut’s arrival, Charles will be going through another sleeping arrangement change.  We have decided that the baby will be moving into the nursery that Little Dude is sleeping in right now and that the little guy will be moving to a “big boy room”.  We’ll be moving him to a floor bed so that he’ll be able to get in and out on his own and he’ll be allowed to bring stuffed animals to bed with him if he wants to.  I’m really excited (and, let’s face it, anxious) to see how the transition will go.  I will definitely be keeping you guys posted when we go through the move this summer.

What do the sleeping arrangements look like in your household?

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