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Ten Thought Tuesday: March 21st


  1. I want to take the time to thank three amazing bloggers for some award nominations.  Valerie, Cheila and Tami nominated me for the Liebster, Cramm and Blogger Recognition Award respectively.  I haven’t had time to post yet, but I’m working on them!
  2. I just realized that Elliot hit the 9 month mark yesterday.  How did that happen?
  3. Today, we’ve got a packed morning.  We’re in need of changing the windows to our house so my husband and I are going window shopping (quite literally ha!) after driving the kids to daycare.
  4. Tomorrow is Elliot’s 9 month well visit.  I really love his doctor (who’s actually not a pediatrician but my GP).  She’s fantastic and has taken Charles and Amélie as well.  I am very happy because I’ve never been satisfied with the previous pediatrician.
  5. Last weekend, Charles went to a sugar shack with my sister and her boyfriend.  He slept over at her place on Friday evening, then, the next day, took the subway and a coach bus to get there.  He was ecstatic because he loves the guy so much!

    Hard to tell who’s happiest to be there!
  6. I just ordered a steam mop to replace the Swiffer and traditional mop we have.  I am ridiculously excited over the purchase and can’t wait to try it out.  I’m certain it’ll make my life a lot easier.
  7. On Sunday I ran my first transition run.  Considering I ran twice as long as I should have by accident, it went really well.  I was following the advice to run at 180 strides per minute, but will have to tone it down as it is too quick to be a sustainable pace for me currently.  I have to say though, my calves were on fire yesterday and they’re still sore today.  I’m eager to see how today’s run will go.

    Notice the funky shape of the shoes? That’s what makes them so comfortable! No more scrunched up toes.
  8. I’m not sure what I want to eat for supper tonight.  What are you guys eating?
  9. I had my first taste of matcha tea on Sunday.  It was peach-flavoured, it was iced and it was yummy!  I’m seriously considering buying some to make at home.
  10. Over the weekend, we went to the library to get some new books.  I’m so happy because I’m rediscovering my love of reading.  I picked up the second tome of the Deathnote manga.  What are you currently reading?

What’s on your mind this Tuesday?  Feel free to comment of link up to a random thought post of your own!

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Ten Thought Tuesday: March 14th


1. Well, it’s close to bedtime, but I’m finally getting around to writing my TTT post!

2. I just got back from a run.  My husband encouraged me to go despite the crappy weather (I’m like 3 minutes driving distance to the gym).  I’m pretty sure that it’s because he doesn’t want me in the kind of mood I get into when I don’t go out for my run.

3. Elliot is now very mobile.  Besides doing a zombie crawl like his big sister did when she started to get mobile, he can now push himself up to a seated position when he ends up on his tummy and is pulling himself up to a kneeling position whenever he can.

4. I want to sincerely apologize to Mother Nature for assuming that Spring was on its way.  This morning, I was greeted with this sh*t.


5. Over Spring Break, we had a blast.  My husband was even able to get a couple of days off and we went to the Ecomuseum with the kids.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

6. Kids can sleep in very weird positions.  Amélie in particular is always funny to look at when she’s sleeping.


7. Talking of naps, Charles needs less and less of them.  Though I know he rarely sleeps during nap time, he always  goes to his room for quiet time.  He always brings some “friends” with him.

A couple of books for nap time!

8. I’m really happy, because I’ve managed to read a couple of books this month.

9. My vacuum cleaner has been having a lot of trouble lately.  I realized that I’d never cleaned the filters since buying it.  Oops!  The vacuum works like a charm again!

10.  Post run selfie with a chocolate cookie, because I totally deserved it!

FullSizeRender 3

What’s on your mind this Tuesday?  Feel free to comment of link up to a random thought post of your own!

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Lovely Weekend

Over the weekend, we were lucky enough to have some very lovely weather.  On Saturday, we decided to make the most of the near 40cm (about a foot and a half) of snow we’d received during the week and went out to play in the yard after the kids’ nap.

Charles and Amélie jumped on the occasion to grab their sandbox toys and had a blast in the snow with them.

Elliot was thoroughly unimpressed with his predicament of being stuck in a snowsuit, but he was a good sport and hung out in the fort his dad was building.

I made a snowman with Amélie and wanted to get a family selfie with our snowy friend, but Amélie and Charles wanted nothing to do with it.  So I grabbed Elliot (because he couldn’t do anything about it hahaha!) and my husband and we took a selfie of the three of us.

The kids played a bit in the toy chest and Elliot started to smile as he got used to sitting in the snow.

Afterwards, we decided to bring the kids to Subway for supper.  Here they are, looking tired, and chillin’ while they wait for the dada to bring the sandwiches to the table.

We finished off our day with some ice cream at the shop next door.  Elliot had his first taste of ice cream and to say that he loved it would be an understatement.

How was your weekend?  Do you have any snow hanging around?

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Winter in Canada

Winter in Canada is a great time to…

1.  Bundle up

What. Is. This? I can’t even move in this thing!

2.  Go skating

That was fun, can we go around the rink one last time?

3.  Be silly

Who needs the beach when you can just use snow?
Who needs the beach when you can just use snow?

4.  Get creative

When it's too cold to play outside, just bring the white stuff inside!
When it’s too cold to play outside, just bring the white stuff inside!

5.  Relax

Ah, this is the life!
Ah, this is the life!  Is my supper ready soon?

6.  Learn to share

What *is* this thing , big brother?  Can I put it in my mouth?
What *is* this thing , big brother? Can I put it in my mouth?

7.  Take up a new hobby

Making a scarf takes a lot of concentration!
Making a scarf takes a lot of concentration!
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Snow Day

Today was supposed to be a “me” day.  I was miraculously off work and so figured I’d go drive the kiddo to daycare, come back home, catch up on my course, maybe do some housework, take a decent nap… y’know.

Except this morning, I woke up to this.

Oh great...snow...
Oh great…snow…


There was just no way that I had enough motivation to shovel behind my car, remove the snow from it then drive 30km (and back) on less than stellar roads.

Snow day it is!

During the morning, Little Dude helped me with the laundry (he loves taking the clothes out of the dryer and putting them in the hamper).

He then reused the skills he rocked yesterday evening and swept the floor.

After that, he split his time between playing with his toys, giving me some hugs (it is Valentine’s Day after all), observing the geckos and watching some skeleton runs and the men’s long program in figure skating.

In the afternoon, he played with his velcro monkey.

Then, I got him all dressed up and we went to get his father at work at the end of the day.

I am Charles, the abominable snow monster.  Hear me ROAR!
I am Charles, the abominable snow monster. Hear me ROAR!

My me day may not have happened, but it was still a pretty awesome day all around!

I sooooo love you Little Dude!

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Ten Thought Tuesday: February 11


  1. It’s great to be blogging again!
  2. Today, I am 11 weeks along.  Only 29 to go!
  3. Of course, that means that I get to get my blood drawn next week.  Yay…
  4. My partner is working out of town for the next few weeks.  He leaves every Monday morning and comes back on Friday evenings.  I’m learning what it’s like to be a part-time single mom.
  5. I’m getting lots of help from family though, so it’s all good.
  6. I lost control of my car in an exit Saturday morning.  No biggie, there was no impact and no one was hurt, I just ended up staying stuck in the snow.  Three kind guys helped me get my car out of the snow by pushing it while I backed up.
  7. The little guy is so cute these days, he’s been giving spontaneous hugs to his uncle, father and myself at home.
  8. He’s also become quite good at walking in the snow with all of his winter gear.  But now, he refuses to be held when we’re outside, he absolutely wants to walk (even though he gets extremely insulted when he falls and ends up face first in the snow).
  9. I’m thinking Charles may be allergic to peanuts.  He’s been exposed to peanut butter before, but always refuses to eat the stuff.  This morning, I hid a bit of peanut butter on his toast and covered it with jam.  He wiped the jam off and refused to eat the bread after.  It’s not the first time he’s done something like this when peanut butter was involved.
  10. Speaking of peanuts, I saw my little peanut during my first ultrasound last week.  Pure joy!  😀

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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Dashing Through the Snow…

Ok so we weren’t exactly dashing, but we did take the little guy outside to try out the cool sled he got for Christmas from his grand-parents (thanks mom and dad!).

He and I had a wrestling match during which he also made use of his high-pitched scream and baby tears while I attempted to get him all bundled up.  It was a long process, but I finally managed to get him into his complete winter gear in about 15 minutes (no joke!).  It’s not that it was terribly cold outside (the weather was actually really high for this time of the year), but still, I wanted to make sure that he would stay warm if he decided he wanted to roll around in the snow.

When we first put him in his sled, he was less-than-enthusiastic.  Well, actually, he was just kind of wondering what was going on.  But then, when his dad was pulling him (and I was taking a whole lot of pictures) around the block, he realized that it was kind of fun!

When we got back home, I sat him in one of our million mounds of snow (I seriously don’t know where we’re going to put it if there’s another big snowfall).

It’s always super funny to see my son in a new situation (ie: sitting in the snow, this time ’round) because he always has this bewildered expression on his face at first while he tries to figure out whether he likes said situation or not.