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Today’s run has been at the back of my mind since I first started the Couch to 5k running program.  Before today, you always alternate between running and recovery periods.  Before today, the longest consecutive minutes of running I had ever done were 8 minutes…two days ago.  Before that, the longest consecutive minutes of running I had ever done were 7 minutes…back in 1999 when I first participated in a 5k run at school.

I’m sure you understand that when I saw that the Week 5, day 3 program was to run 20 minutes without any recovery time I thought there was a mistake.  Upon consulting Dr. Google, I realized that 20 straight minutes was indeed the program and I almost gave up, right then and there.

But I kept at my training.  Week after week, running got easier.  I came to a point where I told myself that I would be able to do 20 minutes of running eventually.  But you know what?  I did it!  On my first try!  I just got back.  Today, I was able to run 20 minutes without even feeling the need to slow down.

All I can say is: YES!!!

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The Potty Training Chronicles: The Conclusion

PT Chronicles finalSo after a horrible day of potty training and two subsequent not so good days, things got better.  We are now a little over a month in potty training and Charles has not only managed to get back to where he was before his potty training hiccup but has managed to make additional gains.

First of all, it is no longer a negotiation to get him out of his diaper and into his boxer post-nap and in the mornings.  At first, we adjusted would give him a good 15 minutes to fully wake up before changing him out of his diaper.  Then suddenly, after a week or two of this, Charles started asking to have his diaper removed as soon as he woke up.  SCORE!

Secondly, on week three of potty training, Charles started to attend daycare again.  The sitter was super open-minded about this and Little Dude did wonderfully.  Because his friends (who are both two years older than him) are potty trained, he was super motivated to use the big toilet just like them.  He still prefers his potty when he’s at home, but outside of the house he can use a big toilet without a fuss (which is why we bring along a potty ring whenever we are out).

Finally, we’re getting more and more dry naps and this morning we had our first dry nighttime diaper.  YAY!

Oh and as a bonus, Charles is now able to pull down his boxers by himself!

I’m in no rush to get him out of diapers during sleep-time and plan on doing so only when he can stay consistently dry during naps (and later on during the night), but I’d say that potty training was a success.

Look out for an upcoming post on the keys to our particular potty training success story!

Did you write a post on potty training?  Care to share your story?  Feel free to post in the comments section!