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Earlier today, I had the relentless urge to drink some sweet lassi.  As luck would have it I had all of the ingredients for this recipe.  Of course, because I didn’t think before I mixed the ingredients, I made waaaaay too much.  I figured it was no biggie, I’d serve it to the kids with our supper.

Around came supper and I happily poured the kids a bit of lassi.  Charles, taking his role as a 4 year old very seriously, declared after a few gulps that he didn’t like it.  Amélie, taking her role as a little sister very seriously, declared the same thing.

I tried to reason with Charles (have you ever tried reasoning with a stubborn 4 year old?), telling him that his drink was only comprised of things he liked (yogurt, milk, water and sugar), but he persisted in his decision to not like his drink even going to the lengths of telling me, very matter-of-factly, that he didn’t like sugar.  I asked him to confirm what he had just said, which he did, promptly with an eye roll that even a teenager would be jealous of.  Let me tell you that this did not fall on deaf ears.

He finished eating his supper and asked for dessert.

Who wants a sugar coated gummy lollipop for dessert?

More specifically he asked for this dessert ^^

I’ll let you guess how the conversation went from there.