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Earlier today, I had the relentless urge to drink some sweet lassi.  As luck would have it I had all of the ingredients for this recipe.  Of course, because I didn’t think before I mixed the ingredients, I made waaaaay too much.  I figured it was no biggie, I’d serve it to the kids with our supper.

Around came supper and I happily poured the kids a bit of lassi.  Charles, taking his role as a 4 year old very seriously, declared after a few gulps that he didn’t like it.  Amélie, taking her role as a little sister very seriously, declared the same thing.

I tried to reason with Charles (have you ever tried reasoning with a stubborn 4 year old?), telling him that his drink was only comprised of things he liked (yogurt, milk, water and sugar), but he persisted in his decision to not like his drink even going to the lengths of telling me, very matter-of-factly, that he didn’t like sugar.  I asked him to confirm what he had just said, which he did, promptly with an eye roll that even a teenager would be jealous of.  Let me tell you that this did not fall on deaf ears.

He finished eating his supper and asked for dessert.

Who wants a sugar coated gummy lollipop for dessert?

More specifically he asked for this dessert ^^

I’ll let you guess how the conversation went from there.

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Enough Is Enough!

It seems like Little Dude just can’t catch a break.  Three weeks ago, we brought him to the medical clinic for a bad cough to find out he had an ear infection on both sides.  Then, the morning after finishing the antibiotics he’d been taking for ten days, he broke into hives and suffered through the bad reaction all weekend.  He’d been doing pretty good for the last two days or so and then, yesterday morning, something was off.

He woke up in a good enough mood, but things quickly went downhill.  After throwing a tantrum when we had to force him to take his Benadryl, his screams and tears became more insistent.  He refused to walk, repeating the word “hurt” over and over again (a word he’d also used over the weekend, at the peak of his hives, when it was time to walk).  When, I asked him where it hurt, he told me it was to his knees.

Feeling that the tears and tantrum were more than those of a terrible two toddler who’s just plain sick of being sick, I decided to bring him in to the walk-in clinic.  It turns out that the little one has lots of fluid in his ears (which isn’t infected…yet…).  As for the pains, the doctor told me that hive sometimes came with joint pains.  He suggested we give some Motrin for the next five days to see if things got better.  After giving Charles two doses of Motrin, I see a big improvement!  Though the little guy walks as though he was an old man, at least he’s walking again.

So now, Little Dude is on a nice cocktail of Motrin and Benadryl for the next five days.  Here’s to hoping that he’ll be spared from any pain or discomfort for a while by Monday.


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Don’t Dress the Toddler When You’re Hungry

Most of the time, my son is absolutely adorable.  I mean, how can you not love the quest for independence, the tender love he has for his sister, his charming smile and big blue eyes or his profound fascination with vehicles?  Heck, even the mini (and not so mini) tantrums he throws in an effort to develop (and showcase) his assertiveness are adorable in their own way.

There are some moments, though, where I’m just too tired or hungry or hormonal to put up with his antics.

You see, my son seems to think that anytime is good for playtime.  Of course, that can be explained by the fact that, well, he’s a toddler.  He likes it when his father or I run after him and pretend we’re not able to catch him.  It’s a fun game, except when I’ve been sleeping in increments of 90 minutes, haven’t had breakfast yet and he decides to play this game when I have to get him dressed within a certain time frame as was the case last Friday.  Yikes!

I tried to be a good sport and be patient as I ran after him.  I tried to laugh with him as I caught him and brought him to his room.  I tried to distract him with his stuffed animals as I changed his dirty diaper to avoid the mother of all tantrums.  When that didn’t work out and I still had to suffer through the kicks and screams of a very vocal and unhappy toddler (which, on a side note, seems to be my cue to start potty training with him as it is a recurrent event), I tried to stay patient and calm with him.

But I could feel my own emotions starting to overwhelm me as I hung on to my last nerve for dear life.

I started to get him dressed, fighting him to get his clothes on as he alternated between going limp limp a rag doll, twisting and turning, kicking and screaming, trying to run away from me and generally doing everything in his power to make the seemingly simple task of putting a few pieced of clothes on him as hard as possible for me.  And then, as though he could feel that I was on the verge of losing it, he decided to find that last nerve of mine and trample it into nothingness.

And I cracked.

I cracked.  I yelled at him to stay put.  Yelled at him to stop moving around.  Yelled at him to listen to mommy.

And he did, through tears and his own voice screaming my name over and over again as I finished dressing him.  By the end of the near 20 minutes it took me to get him changed and dressed, we pretty much both looked like this:

P1000763I gave him a hug and a kiss and told him I loved him.  But I felt guilty.  Soooooo guilty at yelling at him like I did.  But it happened and I can’t go back in time.  And I am just human, perfection doesn’t exist.  All I can do is know that I love both my kids to death and hope to do better next time.

But damn, this parenting thing is hard some days.

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Ten Thought Tuesday: September 2nd


  1. Today was my due date, but since my little princess decided to come a bit early, I get to cuddle my four day-old daughter instead of lugging about a big belly 😉
  2. I still can’t believe that we are now a family of two!
  3. Things have been going well with Charles so far.  He likes to help out with the baby and has asked to hold her a few times.  We are making sure to give him a lot of attention and he seems happy about everything.
  4. Breastfeeding is going really well; she’s a champ nurser.
  5. These days, Charles is obsessed with the Cars movie (Batman is still an obsession too, by the way).
  6. It’s pretty hot and really humid around the house.  It’s hard to know how to dress my little girl given that she needs to be swaddled to sleep.
  7. I’m planning on posting Amélie’s birth story sometime in the next few days.  Charles’ will surely follow afterwards.  That’ll be two new birth stories to add to my Many Faces of Childbirth page.  I’m still looking for more birth stories so If anyone wants to share their own story, feel free to check out this post for the details.
  8. I was able to take care of a whole bunch of appointments for myself, Charles and Amélie this morning.
  9. There are some evenings where Charles transforms from a sweet little toddler to major-tantrum-meltdown mode when it’s time for his bath and I have no idea why.  Today was one of those days…
  10. Wow, it took me a lot of time to write up these random thoughts!  I started this post this morning and am just finishing it now.
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Ten Thought Tuesday: Sleepy


  1. Ok, so technically, it’s not Tuesday here yet, but since Mr. I-can-fall-asleep-and-start-snoring-within-30-seconds-of-getting-in-bed has done just that, I figured it was as good a time as ever.
  2. To save my sanity and not go totally berserk on him for something over which he has no control, I’ve decided to relegate myself to the basement couch for the night.  The upside is that it’s cooler downstairs than it is upstairs (yay?).
  3. I’m still looking for birth stories to share on my Many Faces of Chilbirth page.  A big thank you to those of you who have already linked or sent a story.  If anyone else is interested, please check out this page for all of the details.
  4. My dental clinic called today to schedule my yearly exam.  They wanted to see me on August 20th.  I told them that I was very pregnant and that later would be better.  I ended up taking an appointment on October 8th.
  5. To help with the natural birth I’m aiming for, my partner has been practicing some massage techniques.   I think that given my couch predicament, he’ll be doing some more practicing tomorrow ;).
  6. This coming weekend, my partner is participating in a miniature train exhibition.  Among AFOL LEGO builders like himself, there will be a whole bunch of other exhibits for trains enthusiasts.  I’ll be going along with Charles so that he can get his fill of trains (and, at the same time, I’ll be there to support my partner in one of his passions – LEGO MOCing).
  7. Everyone around me is betting that Peanut is going to come early.  I think that given that both myself and the dada are stubborn as heck, the little peanut will decide to extend his/her stay just to contradict everyone.  My thoughts: s/he’ll come out when ready.
  8. It was finally warm enough yesterday to warrant going in our pool!  Woohoo!  I think I’ve only been in it about 5 or 6 times since the start of summer so far.
  9. Our few pool visits were enough to get Charles accustomed to the water once again though so I expect that the transition to the swimming lessons we’ll be continuing with him in September will be rather smooth.
  10. Speaking of the little guy, he’s definitely entering the wonderful world of the teenaged-toddler.  It’s both a pleasure and a pain in the butt to see him asserting himself.
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Holy Tantrum Batman!

My wonderful son has recently decided to explore the wonderful world of tantrums.  You see, he is somehow under the impression that if he screams at the top of his lungs, cries as hard as he can, throws kicks, hits and goes in the corner of the room to pout, he’ll get what he wants.

I suppose that part of it is my fault.  I mean, when he first started his pouting spells (seriously, he crosses his arms and stomps his way to a corner somewhere), I couldn’t help but chuckle.  In fact, his dramatic demeanor still makes me smirk when he gets angry with his father or I.

Then, last week, I broke a whole lot of rules with regards to eating.  I mean, he got sick (ran a fever for the first time an all) and refused (categorically refused) to eat or drink anything for a little over 24 hours.  It was no fun.  He was miserable.  I was miserable.  So, I snuck a fruit platter beside him as I zombified him in front of some Baby Einstein (lo and behold, he ate and drank!).  I also allowed him to sit on my lap for a couple of meals so that I could coax some nutriments into his body.

It seems, though, that even though my rule-breaking was short-lived (we’re talking a few meals over the course of two days here), my son decided that it meant that rules were made to be broken.

Of course, perhaps I had nothing to do with it.  Perhaps it’s just his inherited double stubbornness (yup, he got the hard-headed gene from both his father and I) that is causing the tantrum.  Perhaps, he’s just there developmentally.

In any event, I need to arm myself (both with patience and strategies) because meal-times in particular have become nightmarish.

You see, yesterday morning, the little guy decided to initiate a power struggle with me for breakfast.  He wanted to have his breakfast in my arms.  I wanted him to have his breakfast sitting at the table.  I even got my psychology out and figured that if I gave him some measure of control, he might be cooperative.  I gave him the choice between sitting in his high chair and sitting in his booster chair.  No dice!  I gave him the choice between his favourite soy-based yogurt and toast with a raspberry spread.  He would have nothing to do with it.

So I put him in his high-chair, placed his two meal choices in front of him (which he immediately proceeded to push on the table) and calmly ate my own breakfast as he screamed and cried and twisted and turned to try to get out of his chair.  This isn’t the first time he’s acted out at mealtime.  But it seems to be getting worse.  I know that he obviously won’t let himself starve to death and though I love the little guy to death and am ready to compromise to some measure, I am certainly not going to let him have his way at 17 months old.

So, I’m turning to you all.  Any ideas as to how I can approach this tantrum-throwing?  What has worked for you?