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Ten Thought Tuesday: September 30th


  1. Little Dude’s back at daycare today for the first time since his big allergic reaction.  He was super happy to see his sitter and friends when he got there.
  2. The hardest part for him wasn’t even the intense itching (he’s such a trooper!), but the fact that we weren’t allowing him to touch his sister for the first couple of days because we weren’t sure of what he had and whether he was contagious or not.
  3. He’s been catching up on his big brother cuddles though since getting the green light to hug, kiss and hold his little sister.
  4. Before being called by my son’s daycare provider last Friday, I managed to finish cutting my burlap table runner to size and found a way to keep the edges from fraying.  You can find out how on tomorrow’s post.
  5. Now that the little guy is doing better, I’m motivated to get back into the kitchen.  Yesterday, I made an awesome pumpkin pie and today I’m making a leek, butternut squash and cauliflower potage (yum!).
  6. The dada is also going to be able to stain the balcony today!
  7. It’s rather impressive: we recently added one child to our family, yet my laundry has multiplied by 10.  How did that happen?
  8. I’m probably going to go out and take a walk with baby girl today.  After pretty much being cooped up all weekend (’cause, as we know, mommies are the ones kids want when they’re sick), I need to get out and move around.
  9. Though she’s gotten better at taking more time to drink, Amélie still gets overenthusiastic when she drinks sometimes and ends up covering me, herself, her nursing pillow and the burp cloth in projectile spitup *facepalm*.  This is particularly fun when it happens in the middle of the night :roll:.
  10. That’s it!  I’m off to the kitchen to get cooking! 😀

Care to share some random thoughts today?

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Ten Thought Tuesday: The Very First


1.  I thought I would give Ten Thought Tuesday a shot after first seeing Valerie (have you been by her blog yet?) and other wonderful bloggers (here and here) do it.

2.  It was my son’s first day of daycare (OK, he was only there for 2 hours) today and he was in an awesome mood when I went to pick him up (yay!)

3.  I’m finding that going back to work after being on leave for 10 months hard; it’s taking me some time to find my stride.

4.  We had some really awesome beef ragout that stewed in our slow-cooker all day for supper.  Plus there are LEFTOVERS!

5.  Little Dude figured out how to go up stairs (only the first two, then he becomes afraid to continue LOL) and how to remove the plug from the bath drain today.

6.  We are watching The Amazing Race Canada tonight on the CTV website.

7.  On Friday, my parents will be celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary!  WTG Mom and Dad!

8.  I recently bought the new Splinter Cell game and I am sucking badly at it *sigh*.

9.  I’m pumped for Sunday’s football game!  I hope we get my son’s earmuffs in on time so that he can attend with us.  (And I hope we win the game).

10.  We decided to postpone our trip to Boston to next year, but at least we’ll have our passports already.

This is pretty fun to do, anyone else feel like participating?