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Ten Thought Tuesday: The Countdown


  1. Wow, I can’t believe I’m only (about) 8 weeks away from meeting Peanut!
  2. I’ve been having some pains in my lower back, hips and lower pelvic area.  I had them during my first pregnancy, but only near the end.  This time ’round, I’ve been dealing with them from about 20 weeks onwards.
  3. I finally ended up seeing an osteopath and getting a massage.  Both have really helped and I’ll probably be going back before the end of my pregnancy.
  4. Tonight will be Charles’ second night in his big boy room.  Last night I heard him get up and out of his room a few times, but he went back to bed on his own each time.  He was up at 5:30 this morning though (oh boy – mommy and daddy were quite tired today!).
  5. Putting him down for bedtime was a bit easier tonight than it was last night.  Let’s hope the wind of progress keeps blowing through!
  6. Last week, I went strawberry picking with my mom and Charles.  My mom and I got down and picked the berries and my son did the picking (and sampling) directly from the baskets we had.  Needless to say, he had a blast!
  7. My partner and I have recently come back from a three-day escape to Quebec city.  We stayed in a lovely B&B and had a wonderful time exploring Old Quebec on foot.  It was a lovely weekend.
  8. Next week, my sister, Charles and I are going to go join my mom for some fancy camping (in an RV).  We’ll be staying one night and will be trying out some canoeing (among other activities).  I can’t wait to see how the little guy will react to it all!
  9. I’m still completely transfixed by The Mentalist series and have been plowing through episode after episode whenever I can.
  10. I’ve been really enjoying being off work for the summer (and subsequent maternity leave) and have been taking the time to relax and get the inside of the house somewhat back on track.

Do you have any random thoughts you’d like to share?


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Ten Thought Tuesday: “Papa”

  1. I can’t believe I’ve got only (a little over) three months left before meeting Peanut.  It’s crazy how quickly time goes by.
  2. At times, I find myself both super excited and unreasonably frightened at the thought that our family is set to grow in September.
  3. My partner and I have a three-day us time planned at the end of June.  We found a wonderful-looking Bed & Breakfast that is super close to the old part of Quebec city.
  4. Now, we just have to let our parents negotiate to see who gets to babysit Charles when ;).
  5. My mom will be going camping by herself near the end of July for a week and I will most likely go and join her with Charles and perhaps my sister for a couple of days.  It’ll be great to let Little Dude discover new things!  Incidentally, has anyone ever gone canoeing while being very pregnant?
  6. Yesterday, our little perfectionist allowed us to hear him call his dad “papa” for the first time (it would seem that he’s been saying the word at daycare and at his grandparents’ house for a little while now).  Needless to say, the dada was very happy!
  7. So far, it seems like the weather next weekend will be as awesome as it was this past weekend.  I know a toddler who will be VERY happy about it.
  8. No TTT image at the top of the post today; I’m posting from one of the schools I work at and have a very limited access to my blog.
  9. I’m officially going to finish my tutoring for the year on June 10th and the private lessons I give on the 14th at the latest.  It will be great to have my evenings and weekends back.  You can bet that I won’t be working evenings or weekends again.  I find it too hard now that I’ve got a kiddo.
  10. This Thursday, I’m going back to the Children’s hospital with Charles for a follow-up with his paediatric allergist.  I’m planning on going by train.  He is going to be thrilled!  (Though he’ll probably be less thrilled with the skin scratch test and the 18 month vaccinations later that evening).
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Ten Thought Tuesday


  1. Today, my son has officially survived his 11 first months of life.
  2. I was so excited yesterday when I received the email confirming that I was accepted into the Top Mommy Blog directory.  There are so many great blogs there.
  3. The little guy gets so excited when he plays with crayons at daycare.  When he realized that he was coloring his page yesterday, he let out a war cry and was so pleased with himself.
  4. I have a cold…and it sucks…
  5. In light of Valerie’s recent posts on weaning, I’ve started thinking about how and when to start my own weaning process with Little Dude.
  6. Now that I think about it, I would really love a guest post on weaning for Write for me Wednesdays.
  7. I finally managed to finish Splinter Cell: Blacklist, on to Red Dead Redemption.
  8. Halloween is coming up and I still don’t know what I’m dressing up as.
  9. Next week we are finally going to our appointment with the pediatric allergist for my son’s food allergies.
  10. I really need to finish the custom MOC LEGO post office for my partner; he’s participating in an exposition in a month.
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Ten Thought Tuesday: The Very First


1.  I thought I would give Ten Thought Tuesday a shot after first seeing Valerie (have you been by her blog yet?) and other wonderful bloggers (here and here) do it.

2.  It was my son’s first day of daycare (OK, he was only there for 2 hours) today and he was in an awesome mood when I went to pick him up (yay!)

3.  I’m finding that going back to work after being on leave for 10 months hard; it’s taking me some time to find my stride.

4.  We had some really awesome beef ragout that stewed in our slow-cooker all day for supper.  Plus there are LEFTOVERS!

5.  Little Dude figured out how to go up stairs (only the first two, then he becomes afraid to continue LOL) and how to remove the plug from the bath drain today.

6.  We are watching The Amazing Race Canada tonight on the CTV website.

7.  On Friday, my parents will be celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary!  WTG Mom and Dad!

8.  I recently bought the new Splinter Cell game and I am sucking badly at it *sigh*.

9.  I’m pumped for Sunday’s football game!  I hope we get my son’s earmuffs in on time so that he can attend with us.  (And I hope we win the game).

10.  We decided to postpone our trip to Boston to next year, but at least we’ll have our passports already.

This is pretty fun to do, anyone else feel like participating?