I’ve been diligently putting Elliot down for tummy time every day since coming back from the hospital and he has diligently been crying at me every single time.  Today, he decided that he was going to roll from back to tummy by his merry self and is happy as a clam 🙄.


Snippet of the conversation going on between my 2 year old and my 4 year old yesterday as we were driving past the obviously train-less train station.

Amélie: Mom, is the train at the station?

Charles: No

Amélie [crying]: Mom, Charles said “no”!

Sheesh, the little peanut really doesn’t like the word “no”.

#mykiddosays Nov. 14th 2016

Remember that show: Kids Say the Darndest Things?  Well it turns out that they really do.  Sometimes, the littles in the house crack me up.  Let me share one of our more recent convos. with you.

Me:  So Charles, are you going to be a policeman when you grow up?

Charles: Nope.

Me: Ok then, what *are* you going to be?

Charles [matter-of-factly]: A superhero.

I feel safer already.

What has your kiddo said recently that has made you laugh?  Feel free to share in the comments or via Twitter with the hashtag #mykiddosays.